Massive packet losses (SOLVED)

What was your reason for posting in this thread other than to berate and insult me, proclaiming that because I help people and genuinely know things that I should shut up because it just doesn’t happen to you.

Think about that, because the OPs issue has been solved and others have also been solved in this thread, and here you are jumping on me for little more reason other than you not likeing me posting everywhere like I know things, because I genuinely do.

Deal with it, suck it up, or whatever bridge you need to build, build it… Get over your issue with seeing me posting everywhere confidently, because you can’t… It’s not my problem.

I just pointed out wifi is not problem based on my (and others) previous experiences. Then you just went with your ego trip.

Insane narcissism

You pointed out nothing but your desire to merely prove me wrong, which you plainly didn’t.

You only posted here to make an argument.

Go find another thread to be a dick on, because as you can see, I only handed out facts. You’re just throwing out hate because you literally can’t handle that I am contributing.

(Fact be known, your wifi, is intermittent, AND it’s just because you haven’t noticed the issues with it, that you actually regard it as ‘stable’.)

Then why should I care?

You contributed nothing except your “🤓 wifi is not best for online games” comment. And then you proved my argument that wifi is actually ok because I didnt noticed any problems. What are you even trying to say?

If you aren’t having issues, then why are you posting other than to try get at me…

I’m not wrong, and you are only posting in here to argue with me.

You are just unaffected and trying to cause a problem.

I have issues but not because I play on wifi. This is not about you.

And this thread was solved long ago, the advice was handed out at another time… Go make another thread rather than trying to pounce on someone you don’t like trying to be all up in that grill like the chortlebugs around here.

happens everygoddamn day and it always ends up with me getting killed by the stupidest shit. I use a lan cable diffrent from my family and have the lowest possible settings installed how do i fix?

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Yeah i started a thread about that last year where a lot of people mentioned the exact same issue, all of them in the EU zone. Gajins modderators closed it claiming it was all fine and not their issue despite the wealth of evidence we presented.