Massive balance issue at top tier

The situation is bad right now in ground battles, ussr sweden and germany always in the same team steamrolling everything else
Why is happening? well they are the only nations with actually working armor and spall liner implemented even if their tanks were already extremely survivable (beside britain with challenger but it still has non existent armor so is not included)

Other nations situation= Their ranks have basically no armor, normal apfsds, reload is nothing exceptional, but now the real problem, the spall they generate after getting hit, i swear inside a merkava 4 i got hit in the track and the shell barely entered the tank from side generated enough spall to absolutely kill all the people in turret even if tank was completely undamaged before, same with abrams with ariete and leclerc

Solution (really easy)= If you don’t want to buff a bit their armor to make them playble at very least add the spall liner to everyone of these tanks and decrease reload times, on abrams it worked a bit (is still horrible don’t get me wrong) but at least managable to use

Is so sad see the game potentially full of content and tanks to play but be forced to use only 3 nations because the rest is just unplayable and not funny/competitive


Dont worry, it’s quite rare to see those 3 in same team in 11.7.
It’s most of times just German and Sweden on same team what is steamrolling completely.


I have always seen top tier as a “work in progress” BR. It’s full of unbalanced vehicles and gaps that will not be resolved until gabin has added every vehicle on the planet. Ofc it’s worthy of criticism but which vehicles get added when lies completely in gaijins hand. After playing this game for bout 8 years I find myself rarely playing top tier - Max 11.0

Skilled players playing those tech trees.
It happens; happened in 2019 when I was playing Type 90 and my teams were getting handled by Abrams players.
It happened when BVM was “top” when it was a middle of the road 11.7 and Strv 122s were kings for years, yes years… the better armored faster T-90M tank came to War Thunder in 2020 for Sweden, yet Sweden didn’t get on peoples’ radars until 2023.

Also DM53, Type 10, and M829A2 are far from normal APFSDS.
Soviets have “the 2nd worst” APFSDS round in the game for 11.7, USA gets a better round at lower BRs.

As for armor…
PLEASE use the protection onion:
Don’t be seen.
Don’t be shot at.
Don’t be hit.

Only in T-90M can you really not avoid 2 and 3 due to its slower speeds.


Yes, use the protection onion, but the enemies also use it… so is a vehicle with armour and survivability going to perform better than a vehicle without? In most cases, yes.


As I implied and will state in this post: Fixing armor on vehicles that have confirmed issues, namely Leclerc and Challenger 2, should occur.

With that said, in CQC the most armored tanks are effectively inert due to the idler wheel weakspot universal on all tanks that CQC forces people to expose.

And for medium range, I guess T-90M does well, and so does Abrams, Leopard 2A5 onward, and so forth.

Tanks with their correctly modeled issues, and incorrectly modeled issues, are closer than people think.

The Strv 122 armor is great until it comes around a corner and its armor is that of an Ariete for half a second as it attempts to turn before you shoot its side armor.

And THAT is one of the reasons why people like CQC maps, it makes T-90M and Strv 122s rather equal to other far less armored tanks.

Which is ironic cause at long range no armor works as well as armor when hills are involved.

Last time i checked, the Ariete didn’t have a spall liner that graced the user by reducing the spall,nor it did have its first-order ammorack behind the turret and covered by a blowout panel

The times i have OHK a fully crewed Ariete outpaces the times i have OHK a fully crewed 122.

Another L take,written before thinking. And now flag this comment,since that’s your MO


Leopard 2 no longer have a spall liner in the hull. Of course it should still be there, but when it was decided that hits there would cause an atomic explosion of spalls inside, they probably forgot to “activate” the spall liners again. It was definitely an oversight… cough Kind of like the fact that hitting the gun mantlet creates 3 spall cones, which also wipe out the entire crew.

The Leopards are currently not bad tanks. However, it was simply fair that they had an advantage over Russian lineups in this area, for example. While Russia has such superior air sovereignty that there is no need to send German helicopters and planes into the air, one can at least expect usable tanks.

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This is an Alvis Wisla advertisement on behalf of the Gaijin corporation 😆


Indeed a sweden moment.

don’t be seen don’t be etc etc can’t be done because maps are too small, is just a csgo with tanks so not an option

AGM-114Ls would very quickly remove the spall liner advantage.




😆 😆 😆

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i don’t think russia has problems with apds if they get teamed with the most armored tanks against all the rest who basically are glorified light tanks but slower and bigger, take merkava and challenger, realistically they weight so much because are extremely well armored, on par if not more than leopard 2 while in game merkava is made of rubber (litterally because armor multiplayer is 0.12 and rubber pad is 0.20 so even worse than it) challenger is just a big rp pignata to hit

Yeah it’s shocking that they won’t address and rebalance top tier.

The fact that every match has fully spall lined leopard 2s and automatic rifle fire abrams running around destroying everything is really making it a slog to play.

Hopefully gaijin rebalance them in the coming patches.


I haven’t flagged your posts in memory.
I only have ever flagged posts that call other people names, which you haven’t thus I didn’t flag you.

I have only ever actively encouraged people to criticize War Thunder in an articulate and civilly assertive manner.

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