Mass name report?

My account was banned because my name was “offensive” it was “Trol420enjoyer” no idea how thats offensive so im pretty sure it was somone mass reporting me but i dont know if anyone else has had this issue. ive payed to change my name and ive done as the admins asked (change my naem and DM a game master) to get my account back yet no action has been taken and im still banned. considering how much money ive spent on this game and hours ive put in this is quite upsetting.

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It gotta be the “420” in the name, I guess… ;)
Anyway, just wait abit, you’re not the only one on their “to-do” list…

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yea i thought it was that bit, but that doesnt make any sense considdering there are people called “adolf h1tler” in game

It does make sense. Both are against the rules. You just got reported and they didn’t. That’s the only difference. If you spot such a name, you can always report the player and they’ll be dealt with, just like you… :)

fair enough

ok this is silly, im still banned after 4 days??? Ive done as was asked of me.

You’ve got to PM a gamemaster…

bro, “ive done everything thats asked of me” ive dmd 3 now, the last 2 havent done anything for 2 days not even response

We daily ban a lot of such names. Seem to be quite “fashionable” atm - but not acceptable and not accepted, of course.

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It was weekend. Maybe they don’t work weekends. Patience, padawan…

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I understand that, but didn’t such names just get renamed in the past?

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Seams like a much better response.

i belive so. “renamed190892” or something allong the lines of that

Do you guys take action against squadrons that have inappropriate or offensive names?

Of course. Report them, and we’ll take care of it.


Since youre active, if i send you a DM with my in game name and login Gmail would u unban me? i have done everything im supposed to (also spent wayyyy too much time and money on this game so rly dont wanna lose it lol)

Yes, please send me a PM and I’ll have a look.

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thank you