Mass botting in naval RB

So basically a few games ago I saw a bunch of keyboard spam usernames on naval RB all playing the kerch, and I think they are bots. I documented 3 games of them but they are in almost all my games today.
Game 1:

they all leave after one death

Game 2:
fewer of them this game but they are still there

They also all leave after 1 death

Game 3:
most of this lobby is just bots and kerches

they didnt die as much but those that did left after one death
(I cant include the image due to image limit but i can send it later if you want)

I also checked their profiles and they all only played the kerch and another ship in AB.

can we get these bots banned?
Thanks in advance


You know to report ingame? They even added botting as category.

I did, but I ran out of reports in the 6 hour timespan. Too many bots so I decided to post it here.

Yea, this is out of hand… Both in the terms of expecting anyone to even report that many, wasting thier time to do so, but also to have even this amount of bots in there in this manner.

It’s against the rules to make a thread about it.

They treated the symptoms but not the disease. Removing cheating accounts does nothing if they haven’t done anything to remove the cheats.

Its because they deny that there are even bots to begin with. This will be closed soon I reckon

It’s a Kerchbot wave again. I reported the last wave a couple weeks ago here, they were all banned within 24h (although I doubt I had much to do with that).

Unfortunately since these are all starter accounts trying to research to something better for free starting with the starter premium Kerch, this will keep happening over and over.

The working theory is they are testing in waves to see if Gaijin’s bot detection methods including player reports but not just that, detects the script, before they make a sellable version. First time it failed and they were all banned.

There is no way to “remove the cheats” if they’re just relying on the score from their own death and 24/7 play to progress, at least not in a way that wouldn’t significantly impact player earnings too. If it really bothers you there’s always AB, too.

Gotten pretty bad this evening, bout 2 thirds of each team is just the same bots in tashkents. Some maps they jusy end up bunched up on a rock at spawn. 👍

Yep, they always ladder up at a predictable point from Kerch to Tashkent as a flock. They’re all totally gone at 3.3 tonight, all the Kerchbots from this crop got to their next vehicle. Their desired end state, as we’ve seen before, is a fleet of Chapayevs, so as Tashes they will be gone in a few more days too.

I’m still seeing them. TBH they play about as well as most human players. lol.

Probably why they last as long as they do (before getting banned)

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They aimbot, they have better than human accuracy by definition.

Played two games tonight at 3.3, saw only 1 Kerch. They’ve moved on, like salmon going upstream, they have a destination and they’re programmed to get to it.

Update: They’ve reached the Krasny stage of their metamorphosis.

Six humans v two, with everything else a Kerchbot, was only going to end one way, but a bot topped the other side with a 3,200 point game, which is really pretty good shooting. Aimbotting is pretty good now, some of this crop are averaging 1:1 K/ds on Kerch and Kavkaz (their Tashkent phase they didn’t do so well). Average score per game seems to be 350-400 though.

Its absolutely unbearable half the players are bots in naval rb around br 5.0 its so widespread and obvious I dont understand how they can let it slide like that I have been playing games and mever seen this ammount of botting tolerated.
They need to block chinese ip they cause more problems to games or lock them up in their own server not allowed to play anywhere else


While we understand the frustration this is causing, creating topics in this section won’t help.
Please use the in-game report function to report bot accounts, they will be reviewed and banned if needed.