Bots came back to RB with a vengeance this weekend.. and got smacked

Quite the showing here… 20 total bots in a 16v16. All new accounts created on Dec 30, have been playing continuously since then, started in the free Kerch for a new account, now playing Tashes and Krasnys (real player names blacked out).

As usual they show a degree of aimbotting and only spawn once, and play continuous 24/7.The new naming convention should be self-evident.

As these “Tashbots” for the last two years have normally been the “test batch” to see if the bot makers can create a bot script that Gaijin can’t catch before selling it to players… guess they think they’ve figured out how Gaijin caught them the last time. I suppose we’ll see if they’re right.


That is so blatant wow. Did you have a convo with your squad 😆

I haven’t had this issue, but I want really paying attention today, maybe that’s what this mornings Attack was trying to achieve.


Not surprised. Not a lot would keep them away for very long. Though I have missed my 15 kill matches just farming Moffets in the Belfast, but it would be nice to have some proper matches in NRB. They are either just full of player bots or Gaijin bots these days. Rarely are matches populated with players

I went on All chat and told everyone a couple things to help defeat them, yes. It’s humans vs bots as far as I’m concerned, human teams don’t matter in the war against the machines.

They’re all in Tashes now, if it’s like the last time they’ll ladder up the tech tree to Chapayevs and stay there a long while. So if you’ve got something that can kill 6.0s reliably, you should have fun. This newest test batch is pretty aimbotty though. Me, I have two event stars left and then it’ll be back to AB. I don’t have time for a PvE naval assault mode, even if abandoning RB to them has been keeping the botters focussed and out of the other modes for a couple years now. Shame, it was nice having RB given back for the players for a whole six weeks there.

My last 4 naval battles. Too bad I have 40% PL in naval battles for some reason.


  1. Kill them once, they don’t come back.
  2. They never cap
  3. They’re weak to torps, planes not so much. They don’t use torps themselves either
  4. They tend to save their main armament for big ships so small boats can sometimes be a little bolder than vs humans
  5. The aimbot always is going for your B turret and bridge and will always hit there so sometimes you can fix them if you can cover the front part of your boat with an island, for instance. They’ll just keep slamming rounds into the rock.
  6. The follow one of a couple preset routes so they tend to cluster and if you know their pathfinding you can sometimes avoid them

And after few weeks there is a message from gaijin that they “banned 10005000 bot accounts”.
Probably, they create this accs

Well… that was FAST. Banned them all, looks like about 24 hours after this post. Good job Gaijin folks.

Gotta say I’m enjoying this aggressive “smack the bots” strategy.


I wonder what the ratio is… im sure the influx of botters is vastly outnumbering the bans still. Its wild how so many of these have numerous premium vehicles per account as well…

Seen them even in the assault modes lately too.

Actually played naval RB last night. Wiped clean, nothing there you couldn’t attribute to regular human idiocy, as opposed to automatic play and zero names with the suspicious naming convention. So this time, for that mode, they seem to have got them all. For now, anyway.