Martel missiles

The martel missiles against naval targets are basically worthless, they do little damage and that’s if they hit. They either fly right over that target or hit the side or deck and do zero damage while killing 1% of the crew. In ground they don’t lock tanks further than 8km making the 40km range basically worthless.

I know the guy in the loop system is unrealistic but can we have the missile track tanks from further out to compensate for this? Maybe wait u till we can separate ground and air brs but there normally wouldn’t be any point in taking them over the gbus if not for them bugging out and not working against direct hits.

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8km is more than enough locking range for a 10.3 plane.

8km is not acceptable for a missile that should be reliable against moving targets in excess of 20km

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Its at 10.3, it already outranges all the anti-air at 10.0-10.3.

8k is more than enough.

At 20km, you’re looking at a big increase in battle rating.


I’m certainly not asking for 20km on tanks at 10.3. I double checked and it’s more of 5 to 6km lock not 8km which I was guessing. This just makes them less effective mavericks of which I can only carry 3 of where as a10s at 10.0 and 10.3 get to carry 6 and 2 gbus. I do love playing them but even against spaa they can simply shoot them out the sky or missile then if in a strela and as they are slower than most missiles it’s relatively easy. 10km would mean I would be in range of Sam’s while firing them off, maybe 9km to make sure I’m within range of them. It’s a black and white camera so it’s quite hard to spot tanks.

The thing is it is realistic. They just dont seem to have an option of giving you ability to enter missile camera while it is mid flight.

*chose not to implement that guidance method - it was tested functional in the " Modern Warfare 2077 " event UCAV 's a few years back.

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Well that was 3rd person, not the 1st one. Different thing, ok?

missiles with man in the loop has been for a long time in game, they choose to not implement that guidance a long time ago.

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I just don’t think it would work, the desync alone already puts a spanner in that. I just think buffing the missile like how they gave it extra zoom would help. Or better yet not require the data link pod as islets basically redundant.

also, i wonder what resolution does the camera have

removing the data link should be fine, now i dont think that it really need a buff currently it has a seeker similar to the agm 65B, while having a better terminal performance and a more reliable warhead which is pretty much the best that you can find aside of the agm 65d on the a10

Yeah the only way to effectively use the martels requires you to bring the Pave spike which limits you to 2x AGMs its pitiful there’s no reason to not just use the guided bombs

The thing is we’re limited to 3 and taking a 9l and losing one is not worth it as one missile will always miss or “hit” a 2s38 for nothing. We should not need the data link pod but not be able to carry more than 3, it would then allow us to bring a 9l or some more dumb bombs if we wanted. For 10.3 maybe 10km is a bit much but when the br superstorm cokes I don’t think it will be much of a problem.