Marksman SPAA (leopard hull): Parry this you filthy casual!

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Marksman SPAA (leopard hull)

Hello and welcome to my suggestion for the Marksman SPAA turret on a Leopard 1 Hull, I feel this could come to the British Tree to a middle ground between the Anti Tank capability of the Chieftain Marksman and the mobility of the ZA-35.



The Marksman SPAA System is a British short range air defence system designed by Marconi electronic systems based around two 35mm Oerlikon KDA cannons and a Marconi Series 400 Radar. The Marksman system has a distinct advantage of being able to be mounted on a wide variety of hulls, including the Centurion, Chieftain, G6, T-55 and Leopard 1 and 2 hulls in game we have two already, the Chieftain marksman and the finnish ItPsV 90 based on the Leopard 2 hull.

Marconi Fitted the Marksman SPAA system to a wide variety of hulls during their tests in the UK the hulls included the Chieftain, Challenger, M48, Vickers MBT and most importantly the Leopard , these were then advertised to the British Army and others for a potential sale these advertisements included a variety of tests from the systems in which the Leopard hulled variant took part in, including trials showing their handling of rough terrain and firing tests.

In the end the british army never put these into service despite testing them extensively however the Marksman System did go on to be used by the Finnish on the T-55 and later Leopard 2 hulls. The marksman was also tested by South Africa in the 90s however they opted for the ZA-35 instead.



A graphic showing what hulls the Marksman could be mounted on


various angles of a model of the leopard Marksman

A leopard 1 Tank that the hull Marksman for this is based on



Crew: 3 (Gunner, Commander, Driver)
Engine: MTU MB 838 CaM 500, 10-cylinder, 37.4 litres, multi-fuel engine
830 PS (819 hp, 610 kW) at 2200 RPM Power/weight 19,7 PS/tonne
Suspension: Torsion-bar Operational
range: 600 km (on road), 450 km (cross-country)
Max speed: 65 km/h (road), 30 km/h (cross-country)
Armament: 2 x 35mm Oerlikon KDA Autocannons (500 Rounds), 8 x Smoke dischargers
Rate of fire:
Traverse range: 360° horizontally, -10° to 85° vertically
Projectile Mass: 0.55 kg
Radar: Marconi S-400 J band Radar (12km range)
Gunner/commander Optics: 3 - 10x zoom

Place in game


Personally I feel this would be a good addition to the British Tree to provide a middle ground between the ZA-35 and Chieftain Marksman, providing greater mobility than the Chieftain but with a lower profile and improved anti tank capability than the ZA-35.

It would probably sit at the same BR as the other Marksman Systems or could sit slightly lower if it doesn’t get its APDS rounds which both help diversify lineups and fill gaps in the tree.



Leopard 1 - Wikipedia
Marksman anti-aircraft system - Wikipedia
Marksman 35 mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun |
Gulumik Military Models: Leopard 1 with Marksman turret 1/72
Chieftain Marksman - War Thunder Wiki


Im not saying no but i also gotta be honest do we need more 8.7 spaa? Sorry Tank destroyers.

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Could come as an event or premium, and as i said, it could be added without APDS at a lower BR like 7.7

Im sorry but no, it would need the 68 pen aphe to be removed for it to be 7.7 worthy, that beltnis the reason the za 35 is still competitive(aside from it being a dope Roikat)

I guess, still could come as a premium or event, despite there not being many premium SPAAs there is no rule against them iirc

There no ruoe against them im just saying it seems like you havent played with the za 35, itpsv 90, gepard, type 87, pgz09a, and the cheiftan Marksman. These vehicles have excellent AT functionality. The cheiftan marksman is too slow to flank but the za 35 doesnt have that problem, we also have the falcon which is small and rat like. Again if it comes with the belts for aphe and apds the 8.7 lineup will be even more of a glorified TD/SPAA lineup lol

Yeah, this is just a suggestion for what could come though, if it doesnt need to come to game, it still could further down the line, perhaps after decompression to the stage where it would be slightly different

I can see your idea behind this one, however I would say that this one does not belong in the British Tech Tree, because the Leopard hull.

While the Marksman system is a British system, with the amount of hulls it could be mounted on, I would then say the hull is the more defining nation that it being a British system.

Instead i would say to get a more mobile Marksman system in the British Tech Tree instead of the Chieftain Marksman, it would be better to have the system on either the Challenger hull or the Vickers Mk.3, maybe even the G6 Rhino.

Britain does use vehicles with the Leo hull, such as this; so its not completely out of place


this is the Same type of chassis (leo 1A5) that this Marksman SPAA uses so most likely could have been taken from existing stocks

that was just a mockup btw


-1 there is already Gepard in the German tree, and while no variant of the Marksman system was actually employed by the British Army it would make more sense to use one of the hulls in service such as Centurion, or Challenger, or possibly a British export hull like the Vickers Mk3.

On the topic of Marksman, the Finnish T-55 (in the Swedish tree) as the only other service variant would be a good addition at 8.3.

The British already have a Leopard 2 in their tech tree. I don’t think a Leopard 1 would harm anything. That being said, I’d much rather see it as a Squadron vehicle.

Would this be a British vehicle? Isn’t the idea of having the Marksmen turret on Leopard hull to sell it to anyone who owns Leopards?

I’d prefer the Vickers MBT hull version.

It is british, it was made by a British company and to my knowledge only trialed by britain, meaning by the rules of the game it would go to britain as even the hull was owned by britain

There are so much more of them that can come, and most of them were trialed by UK .


Chally, Vickers, M48 and Type 59 are UK 100%
T-55 can be UK or can be Finnish one.
M60 i have no idea.