Marking targets in Arcade Battle?

How is it possible to mark targets in Arcade? I know its done in RB but just played a game where targets were marked in game. Im not talking about marking them on the mini map but that double “V” you see in normal game. Am I just missing a button setting?

Isn’t that the marker for a friendly artillery strike location?

You can scout them- scout tanks over BR2 can do it.

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I dont see those “double Vs” in arcade. I guess if i look hard enough, there may be a key to do it…but it is a bir redundant, so nobody does it.
I am not saying that someone somewhere isn’t doing it…just so rare that i dont recall a single occurrence…

Seen it a few times over the last couple of days now.

Make sure that the tank is first selected , doesn’t matter if 3rd person or sniper scope. They still have to be in your field of view, then you hit whichever button you have chosen for spotting. I have X and Middle Mouse assigned to select the target, and Q to designate/spot (no-one needs automatic reverse)
If you’re seeing a LARGE yellow double V marker, that’s your teammate (green) clicking on the map to alert you of a position or enemy.

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