Market Prises are down

Is it me for have vehicles gone from in the low hundreds to suddenly going around 20 GJN over this month ?

the loot box remember.

people can sell those.


Are you sure? The two vehicles i got from the loot boxes auto redeemed.

there is a second category of coupons that can be traded, plus people are selling vehicles in time for the VE day sale

Things always go down.

A new wave have appeared of people trying to make their stake in GJN.

Just like that funny man once said…
Buy, Hodl, Win!

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Just proof that Gaijin controls the market and not the player.

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I wish i could get those. I got a leo that i already had and i cant sell it

if that happened you would get 1,000,000 SL so you can’t have two copies

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Yeah i know about the sl. Still sicks though. Would be nice if it wasnt still in my inventory. Just sits there with no purpose.

did you sell the first one? if so, just claim it.

I activated the first one. I then got the second one which gave me the sl. But it still is in my inventory for some reason.

Funny thing is that i contacted support to remove it, because there is zero reason for it to still be there, and they said they cant do anything.