Market place on consoles

So I know many people have asked this before. But I want to ask again. Do you think the market place should come to consoles?

I say they should. I know for eg. Sony would probably take some % from each purchase but it won’t be a huge difference, pc players have been already buying items off the market ever since the market was a thing and on addition console players would be spending their money too. With some of the console money going to Sony etc. That doesn’t seem like a big loss since console players would also be buying.

Personally PlayStation and other consoles are left out on this feature. Really do think it’s kinda unfair but I’ve managed without it. But it would be awesome to have it on consoles


The market is terrible and I’d rather see it go away completely.

What we really need is an alternative to the market on console, some way to obtain all the things that are literally impossible for us to get.

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Yup. I just want to be able to buy some rare tanks while I have some money to spend. Catch my drift? Because the longer it takes the more expensive it’s going to get.

Gaijin wants to add the market to console. This is a Sony thing.


This isn’t a Gaijin problem, this is a Sony/Microsoft problem. Go and complain to Sony and maybe they will reconsider. Doubtful, but it could happen.

Also, this isn’t 100 percent true. Vehicles on the market are acquirable through the Toolboxes and similar buyable event chests so the price dips quite often. I got the VFW and sold it at the highest buy price which was like 10 dollars lower than the lowest sell price.

Gaijin is getting money from Market and players would grind vehicles they can sell on market. They would add it if they could. Many people asked this before and answer is still the same, its Microsoft/Sony problem.


I messaged one of there employees he said “We’d love to have the Marketplace on consoles but we cant due to circumstances”

Console accounts do not have access to the market solely due to the account itself being created off of whatever console network you have. Be it PlayStation, be it Xbox, these accounts do not have a linked email address, nor 2FA.

Therefore, they do not have access to the market.

There is the ability to transfer from a console account to a standalone account, which does allow you to use the market.

PC players are required to create an account by use of email and password, something that is not directly used in a PSN or Microsoft login. On top of this, the Market is entirely barred from those that do not use 2FA.

We do though. It’s how we use this forum, as well as buy GE (and only GE) on the Gaijin website store (which also allows us to get CC decals).

We on console can’t even sell anything also so there’s that. Plus the event toolboxes “boxes” are technically gambling and you arnt certainly going to get the vehicle you want and not a lot of the vehicles I want are on the boxes

it’s also because they’re stupid dumb hackers

Well, then you need to talk to your console manufacturer and see if they will take action on making the marketplace happen for their console. I was just making a point that those vehicles are acquirable without the marketplace, and that the prices do not only go up.

The problem with them is the % they would be taking right? Or is it another problem that I don’t know?
If it’s the % then I don’t see that much of a problem unless gaijin really is greedy and wants every penny or Sony/microsoft wants a larger cut

Yeah some vehicles are acquirable but again why gamble when you can buy straight away or sell vehicles or buy skins sell skins etc. I’m just your typical gamer no employee is going to listen to me for a singular game. It would just make sense gaijin and Sony/microsoft would settle an agreement

Gamble for them because it is your only option? It isn’t like you have to spend real money to do it, it’s a free earned in game currency. They tried to come to an agreement and Sony/Microsoft didn’t play ball. What else should they do? Keep trying to badger the other companies that declined them already? You aren’t even aware of WHY they declined it but somehow think Gaijin should keep trying to make this transaction work? Why shouldn’t Sony/Microsoft get off their high horse and work with Gaijin on this? Again, speak to your console manufacturer. telling Gaijin you want it will make NO difference because it isn’t them causing the problem. If they aren’t aware players want something, they won’t ever make it happen.

As its been mentioned, its not up to Gaijin… the Developers would like nothing else than to let everyone enjoy some features… but there are limitations, complications and some things are just not up to Gaijin…