Mark of Distinction Upgrade

Achieving the Mark of Distinction needs an upgrade. Why not reward the player with a new unique camo paint scheme for the achievement. Either that or some free shrubbery. Is there a specific reward that I’m missing? Please don’t tell me it’s the ever popular convertible RP’s.

Any takers?

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The distinction mark is on premium vehicles and allow use 4 emplacements for decalcomaies even if you haven’t premium account.

Got that part but I’d rather have a unique camo paint as a reward for the achievement.

its sure for premium account its totaly useless :(

Yeah, they need to revamp the whole reward system in game. Getting a skin with a Mark of Distinction is a good idea.
Getting achievements and certain skins with one unit is pointless as it is. I can grind 320 kills with one unit to get the top skin and then gj adds another skin that needs 360 kills. The thing is that new skin requires NEW 360 kills, as the previous 320 kills didn’t transfer to the new skin count. All of this doesn’t make any sense and is very frustrating. Also, I got Level 100 something like 7-8 years ago when the game was fraction the size of the units. I don’t see any progress except TT since then. Killing something like 1000 units and getting 1000 SLs and some useless Convertible Points is such a joke.

Mark of Distinction is pointless for people with premium.

Rather unlock a camo for the vehicle instead of nothing.