Mark of Distinction for standard/event vehicles with bought/acquired Talisman

Would like to see the ability to earn mark of distinctions for vehicles when a Talismans is purchased or acquired, specifically higher tier vehicles starting at VI and up as those can be quite costly. And preferably without having to wait for seasonal challenges…

Getting talismans through drops is extremely rare, so a lot of us buy them with money. And some of them can cost over 16$ USD. I (in my opinion) feel that earns at least 4 slots for decals or at least the mark of distinction challenge so we can at least earn it. Most talismans for standard vehicles dont even earn close to the bonus RP and SL that premiums get, so its not like mark of distinctions would take away from people buying premiums.

I remember back when this game started and we all were able to use 4 decal slots without having to buy a premium account. God I miss those days.

Anyway lemme know what you all think.