Marienwagen II mit 5,7 cm Hotchkiss L/40

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I would like to suggest the unique one of a kind Marienwagen II armed with a (presumably) russian captured 57 mm Hotchkiss L/40 gun.
It was a test combination near the end of WW1 around 1918, along other allready made self propelled guns such as different 7,7 cm guns on the KD-1 and 8,8 cm SK L/45 on Benz Gaggenau.
It was not used and propably unmounted later on and only 1 picture exists of it in a very basic way.
Its ammo would have most certainly been stored behind the cabin in their standart wooden crates.
Created as a simple way for an mobile SP AT gun.

While it is a 5,7 cm Hotchkiss L/40 gun, germany produced and used their own ammo in their different 5,7 cm guns such as the: (Click on the name to show).
It has 550-554 m/s, -15° ti + 90° elevation with 20-25 rpm

5,7 cm Gr. (P). HE 2,75 kg 0,16 kg Fp.02 and 554 m/s



5,7 cm Gr. m.P (P) Saphe 3,1 kg 0,12 kg Fp.02 550m/s with 47mm/10m penetration.


Picture of the Marienwagen II: (Click to show)


The Vehicle:
Size: 6,53 m / 2,01 m / 3 m
Engine: 4 Cylinder Daimler LA1264 45 Ps
Weight: around 10 ton
Top speed: 10 km/h (dam, so slow)

Die Halbketten-Fahrzeuge des deutschen Heeres 1909-1945
Notes on German Shells 2nd edition 1918

A snail that punches.

The epitome of “gun truck”. +1

Good find on the SAP round. That’ll make it at least viable.

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