Marder II (7,62 cm)

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I would like to suggest the Marder II (7,62 cm) (yes the (7,62 cm) is important to not confuse it with the other Marder II (7,5 cm) which is on different Pz II chassis, with the Pak 40)

It would add an taller less armored but noticably faster alternative to the Marder III with the same 7,62 cm Pak 36 (r) L/48,4 placed at the same or slightly lower Br, as it doesnt have enove armor to stop 37 mm guns even from range.

History: (also go take a look at my Pz II Ausf. D suggestion) After the rather lower succsesses of the Pz II Ausf. D till April 1940, when they were rebuilt to Flammpanzer and those also not beeing all that good, because of the relatively thinn armor and no main armarment other than an MG 34 and the flamethrowers, it was contracted on the 20.12.1941 to build a new Self propelled anti tank gun on the chassis with the 7,62 cm Pak 36 (r) to improve the front lines against the heavier russian tanks and give a greater use for the remaining chassis of the Pz II Ausf. D, by the WaPrüf 6 to Alkett in Berlin.

Alkett build a tall big superstructure on the Chassis with a big upside down T in the middle to carry the gun with a new Gunshield protecting from 3 sides while also still leaving room for the driver and radio operator to have access. Some time befor MAN recived a contract to build 150 more Pz II Ausf. D chassis which were to be used for Flammpanzer, were now reused to instead start production of the newly designed Marder II (7,62 cm). Allready in April 1942 the first 45 Vehicles were completed and the rest to 12.05.1942 the rest. With a 2nd contract for 60 vehicles allready beeing on the way, while in the end from june 1942 to june 1943 only 52 more could be build and used.

Pictures:(Click to show)



The Gun:
7,62 cm Pak 36 (r) L/48,4 (a rebored F-22 to use 714mm caseings similar to the Pak 40 and german made 7,62 cm rounds)
Pzgr. 39 Rot (Apcbc) 7,6 kg 710m/s 20g H.10 (34g TNTe) 138mm/10m
Gr. 38 Hl/c (Heat) 5,05 kg 450m/s 515g H.5 (875,5g TNTe) 115mm/all
Pzgr. 40 (Apcr) 4,15 kg 990m/s 900g 28mm core 182mm/10m
Sprgr. 39 (He) 6,25 kg 550m/s 585g Fp.02 and Np.10 (748,8 g TnTa) 9mm/all

The chassis:
Frontal hull armor 30mm, superstructure: 14,5 mm armor (possibly with Track add on)
Gun shield 8mm + 11mm (See Marder III in game)

Chris Bishop Waffen des zweiten Weltkriegs
Werner Oswald Kraftfahrzeuge und Panzer der Reichswehr, Wehrmacht und Bundeswehr
Panzer Tracts. 1. Auflage. Panzerjaeger



They look like it’s their first school day and are proud to go to school =)


There are a couple of nice vibes pictures. Indeed.

I love WWII stuff like this. +1

+1 more funny vehicles

To help differentiate between the 2 models of the Marder II:
The one you are mentioning (the one with the 7,62cm cannon) have the designation Sd.Kfz.132

While the one with the 7.5cm is have the designation Sd.Kfz.131

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