Marder 1A1 and ratel 20

this is a genuine question , why the ratel 20 is a whole br lower then the marder 1A1…
The ratel has more atgms , same pen on the gun , the only downside is that on some maps the ratel will be slower then the marder and the armor is worse on the ratel .
Fighting atgms at 5.7 - 6.0 is something that doesn’t makes sense at all too .

If I remember correctly the overall mobility is worse than the Marder and the gun handling is much worse too. Plus the Marder gets thermals and an LFR.

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A 20mm bus,

I think the reason why it have more ATGM because Rh202 can be very bad against heavy tanks. Specially at 6.7 where you find the majority of heavy units.

Plus, as mentioned Laserdestroy it have a bad mobility, but only at closed spaces, in case of Maneuverability it’s very very bad as expected from a wheeled vehicle.

And the MILAN, can be bad at some times, specially this muzzle velocity of 200m/s, you can’t do much against moving targets.

I mentioned it as main weaponry as Rh202 but it’s GI-2, which in practical aspects, is the same thing.

The ratel is twice is large, wheeled vs tracked, poor turning circle, worse crew layout, far less gun elevation (can’t really perform AA duties) and is all around a horrific vehicle. It could be 6.0 and it would still be underpowered. The ATGMs are strictly worse than any APHE cannon considering the lack of any extreme armored vehicles in the 6.0 range.

The chassic of ratel is even worse than the bus passing by my door.


1A1(-) doesn’t get thermals.

That doesn’t justfy the 1.0 br increase from one to other .

The marder would play exactly as the ratel at 7.7 being both a very passive gameplay , i dont see why this much BR difference .

And i see that this happens alot with the british line with vehicles being on very low br for what they get like the centurion mk3 at 7.7 and the fv 4202 at 7.3 that both have stablizers and rangefinders being on the same br as the m48 that doesn’t get stablizer , worse pen and pretty much the same armor with the only good point being a bit more mobility and a aphe that doesn’t pen anything else then light tanks on the same br or uptier and even on downtiers it can be pretty bad .

But that isn’t the point of this topic .

The ratel 20 could and i think it should at least be 7.3 and not 6.7

Even in a downtier you can have trouble with the 57mm pen of the main gun

so yea i think the marder could go down too …

And the marder is just as big as the ratel



Go look at the gun handling characteristics and such. Plus the Marder has better off road performance and turning capability because it is tracked.

still doesn’t proof that the ratel is so much worse then the marder to put a whole br lower …

It has much better gun handling speeds, better elevation/depression limits, better mobility off improved surfaces, better belts, and a LRF. This is plenty enough to make it higher than the Ratel 20. Balancing is off of the WHOLE vehicle not just firepower.

christ thats a lot of bad takes in a single post

Marder can perform AA roles while also having AT potential. Thats why its a higher BR. The ratel has less than half the turret rotation speed and only 35 degree elevation. No one who has played the ratel and marder are going to call the chassis similar in the slightest. The marder has a massive advantage in all regards.

Brit MBTs get stabs, but horrific rounds that have detrimental mechanics. APHE don’t have failure to fuse, but APDS have shell shatter. SAP, HEAT, and HE all have overpressure, but HESH doesn’t. Combine that with the terrible postpen and random angle bounces that make no sense and you end up with a tank that struggles for kills in the best of scenarios. Then you have the 35kph speed govenor and they are as slow as heavies. They DEFINATELY don’t deserve upteirs. The Cent Mk3 used to be 6.7 and look where it is now.

And originally with no stab and possibly even worse performing AP at the time.

The marders have better mobility, gun handling, laser rangefinders, smaller chassis, and a semi unmanned turret.
The ratel only has more atgms that is its only upside.

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