why is ther kill zone in the mid of a map not just out out line of the map but in the mid of them to remove this garbged

Easy to play light tanks you need to drive right up to the face of a heavy tank and get killed by its 12.7mm on the roof GJ

what map is it

all of them

I agree!
Gaijin tends to “kill” sniper spots.
More and more we are pushed to use tanks to rush instead of use them as supposed: ambush.
Conceal and kill! Use the terrain! Look around and find new spots.

When I started, I tested WT and WoT. WT was a tactical, intelligence based game, that was the reason I invested my time on WT and didn’t spent more than 1 hour on WoT.

In the last few years, WT is more and more a rush and direct confrontation game… they call it “realistic”, but the truth is that sometime I felt like in an arcade mode, just without tags.

As we all know, what we type here, almost never is read by the developers, and they only attend a small “wanabe elite” players complains. Maybe on of them, will feel the same as we, and we will have lucky.

For the moment let’s enjoy WT with all the good and bad things. There’s no such thing like the perfect game for all…

yes and ther is no skill reg for this game any more point shoot kill it is Lame an boring alot beter if you nneed to aim on spots on the enemy tank like hatch wekspots and stuff like that
and if a light tank or a Open tank gets totched By HE or Heat dead try take an M18 and go rush in to battle you can’t sit and wait for them for they well see you and you cant pen 75 % of the tanks front thx to weak gun you need to shoot them in the side or back or be so close you can pen the front and you take 1 burst of 12.7 and your open like an old can of suppe