Maps with weather

What happened to maps with weather, I feel like it’s been a year or more since I’ve played a map with rain and thunderstorms. What happened to the dynamic weather of war thunder? Is it still implemented? Has it been removed? Am I slowly going insane and it’s still in game and I haven’t noticed it? I feel dynamic weather was a big missed opportunity in war thunder, where did it go, if it went anywhere?


I just played Sanai with cloud deck so low you couldn’t even bomb properly.

On Pradash a few months ago, the clouds were so bad you couldn’t even see the mountains and I ran into on take off in a helo.

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I played a match a few days back where the wind was up, and all the smoke from all the wrecks made it nigh impossible to see.

It was actually good.

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Clouds, yes that’s a regular, but I swear there used to be maps with rain and thunder/lightning. It was quite a sight to see. Wind is in game, but I haven’t seen anything like rain and thunderstorms for a while, a long while. Or I’m getting some weird Déja Vu of “seeing into the future” with memories. I have weird shit like this happen all the time, but I’m almost positive there used to be rain and thunder in the game.

Yeah, I know that, the trees as still spastic as ever from it, feels like hurricane force winds sometimes. This is weather, true weather, rain, lighting, thunder, I remember it I haven’t seen it in a while though.

I really want to see the sailing ships make a return to really get into wind and heavier seas.

I haven’t noticed the hurricane winds affected trees as much or I’m just used to them.

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It used to be a feature, like night battles. But people complained and it got removed. I am wondering why nuklear sun is still a thing to this day.