Maps, Top Tier-High rank maps

These are already a joke. We are talking about the highest level of vehicles. To play in games on a map no larger than one kilometer. Where no skill is required. If not waiting in one place for 20 minutes. Then there are the modifications of the maps.For less skilled players.Affecting the playability of everyone.The maps are getting smaller.Without requiring.The slightest.Competence to be able to play.But simply look ahead and wait.The games are becoming very monotomous. In increasingly higher levels, smaller maps. It cannot be that on a map. Of 800 m they put you in combat. Tanks. With the ability to shoot at several kilometers. V.
Regardless. Of those players who buy vehicles to unlock. Where you cannot use their capabilities because the map is simply not developed for that tank. Why do they exist? In any case, light vehicles.On small maps.Since at high range all vehicles, from light to medium, are fast. It would not make sense, they should eliminate them directly from the Light vehicles. If there is no map to be able to use it.