Maps rotation issues

we are forced to play for hours and hours, yes, we accepted it, but we are getting tired of playing the same old maps, especially br 8.3+. They always come out with the usual 6/7 maps, 1km x 1km. Why not be able to choose the type of map you want to play based on its size? Random map rotation is tiring and has gambling dynamics. It is possible that after years the only possibility is to take a premium to have a MINIMUM (often not even that) of skimming for the maps. After 12 hours of playing, an absurd sadness comes over you, like ruining the game…beautiful maps that never come out, is it possible that you only think about making money and making us spend as many hours as possible in front of a screen in the hope that a decent map will come out? many players things that…stop ignore us, give the choise for bigger maps


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No, it’s not because of the sale. The map rotation has just always been horrible. Doesn’t matter if you play GRB/ARB or Arcade of those, it’s the same 3-5 maps. Which is boring as hell when there’s 20+ maps.

Rotation has always been shit, always will be shit and won’t ever change.


I can’t help someone accept the truth. I can merely share it.

I noticed that ever since sales started big maps became even rarer.

Use to be able to play 3-7 times on big maps per day but on last few days i managed to get 2 big maps in total.


Well the vehicle packs come with premium time which allows people to access the ban feature for maps.

You’re the one who can’t handle the truth.

WT map rotation VS Spotify shuffle fighting to be the worst “randomisation”


You would think that the frequency of certain maps would ensure that people get along better on the maps … yet you see the same tactical crap over and over again …

not soo regular…in 3 hours of play at 10.3 ground battle only 1km x 1km maps…im mad, i feel that like a small scamm

im premium and the rotation is bad also whit preference. Is a strong algorithm but…why they dont fix that?

whit a 10.3 or 8.3 br formation the maps 1km x 1km are very bad, and if you play hours and hours the feeling is worst

I’m getting soooo sick of the same small maps, seems the worst at top tier, feels like im playing call of duty. if i wanted that id play WOT.

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The whole map rotation sucks. Why are certain maps super rare, and others super common?

I couldn’t care less about map size, but the amount of times I get the same maps over and over is just annoying.

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like call of duty true, same things…we cant ignore this issues, we have the right to have good map experience, is basic i think

who notice changes?