Maps rotation failure!

What’s the problem with maps rotation gaijin ??
For a while now I see some maps used “ad nauseam”
That’s particularly the case of the Seversk map which represents as many as 50% of all the disputed battles.
But today is really an all time record !!
7 battles and … 7 TIMES SEVERSK !!! Just pissed off that map !!!
Maybe time to start manage efficiently the game??


Similar situation in air realistic battles, more than 50% of the time it’s Vietnam or Vietnam EC. Yawn…

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Not only have maps choices choked way down, seems the majority of them are all single cap point conquest games anymore.

Pure kiddie fat tank wannabe sniper fests, the team that rushes the others side spawn the fastest is going to win.

Zero skill game play.


Map rotation is broken since long time ago, but Gaijin is too busy destroying the forum for fix this…

Right now the map “rotation” is just a weird system choose 5 or 6 maps and repeat those over and over.

x3 Iberian castle x3 Tunisia x2 Mozdok . This just a example but i have much worse screen captires with 4 or 5 times the same map.

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You guys aware maps can be seen:[keyword]=&Filter[nick]=The_Kelt&Filter[statistic_group]=&action=search[game_mode][]=realistic&Filter[keyword]=&Filter[nick]=ExcaliburSniper&Filter[statistic_group]=aircraft&action=search

It is known that some maps have increase odds of appearing, usually when they were modified or are new…and that maps are related to BR and game modes…so if you play some specific BR and on a specific day, there are some maps that will appear more.

BTW…on the Air RB list i linked above i see Golan Heights way more (on the day i posted) than Vietnam…
I assume most players will notice MORE the maps they dislike…

I am not saying there isn’t a problem, as some maps do appear A BIT more…but expressions like “ad nauseam” or “50%” are exaggerated…or at least are not the general case…

Exaggerate??? lol, no. Even playing diferent nations and BRs you are stuck in the same maps for hours or even the whole day.
Germany 8.0 - Sweden, UK 6.0 - Sweden, France 5.7 - Sweden, Italy 4.0 - Sweden… Map rotation is BROKEN thats all. You clearly can see how the same small group of maps are repeated over and over.

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Problem with this claim is that public data usually dont back it up…i just checked your replay lists…and in the initial page there is only two map repetitions (Berlin and Alaska…and only once each)…
SOMETIMES some maps repeat a bit and some are unavailable for some time…and i admit in some updates the new maps appear a bit too much…other than that, it seems to work randomly (with some restrictions) to me…
BEAR IN MIND…RNG does repeat numbers on occasion…Random does not prevent it :)
I would suggest you share a series of map repetitions (if possible indicating game mode and nations) so we can see if there is a reason…i cant find one in your replay listings…
(The screen above only shows the repetition…not the before and after…)

Rant, closed.

Use the Ban map function.