Maps changed "based on player feedback"?

As if the massacre of maps recently wasn’t bad enough, I just discovered that the Battle of Hurtgen Forest has been added to the list of ruined maps. In the updated the changes were described as being “based on player feedback”.

Whose feedback was this and when was it elicited? There are actually players asking for every map to be flattened, trees removed and no options for tactics on maps?

The response to the map changes has been strongly negative, so what is driving these changes?

I get it, that some players wanted stronger spawn protection, but why neuter the entire map? And the result of “spawn protection” has made spawn camping even easier than before by kettling in new spawns making them unable to shoot back at spawn campers unless they drive out of spawn protection.

Is there any chance of any engagement with players about this? If the current trajectory continues there might as well be only one map if all variety and strategy is being phased out. The objective of these changes is impossible to understand.


The game destroyed by player feedback. Same old story.

Whiny players moaning about the BR for this and that needs to go up, how bushes need to be removed, how CAS must go or stay and how they protest because they were killed by a player hiding behind a bush and demand that bush be removed immediately.

Question is who do Gaijin bow to? Kids who can’t cope or adults who are conditioned to cope after years of having to ?

I have the opportunity to buy Premium for another year at half price currently as we all do and over the last two or three years I would have jumped at the chance as I always have but this year, I just don’t like what I am seeing, and I just don’t trust the game enough to commit to another year as God only knows what Gaijin are going to implement next.

They really can destroy the game with little things like map sizes, BR shifts and silly weather models so you can’t see. I don’t think they realise how much fun can be taken out of the game by something as small as removing a favourite sniping spot.

Yes ,losing faith so no spending this sale and I can’t be the only one. Sorry Gaijin.


Las Hurtgen It’s a horrible map and nothing will help it, it’s still nice at low br, but the higher the br the worse

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Where do you see all these people asking for map changes?

Majority of the playerbase are adults who grew on COD and WOT, not little kids.

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Sometimes I can’t help but think that its passive aggressiveness. Gaijin complies with player requests (demands) but does so in an ineffective or even detrimental way.
Players asked for rewards for games to be more balanced regardless of win or loss. So Gaijin, took reward away from the winning side, like their made up points were in limited supply…


I know you don’t play the game much but nothing stopping you actually reading the forum once in a while.

What statistics do you base that on? I actually used to hear little kids voices when they left their mics on and you could hear them. I know the game is meant to be 16 plus, but we all know it isn’t .So where are the figures on this?

I went to another sniping spot in an SP recently on Finland by the C zone and Gaijin had filled it all with rocks. I’m like “F*** me what next?” .Same with Korea. Looking for spots Gaijin removed a week prior.
So many vehicles in a line up are going to be unusable. Why.

Why include them? It just brings a feeling of instability to the game. Same with the constant BR shifting. Just leave it please, Stop F***** about Gaijin.

Looks like I have


But you’re the forum expert

And you are the guy who is rude to everybody. Grow a personality and stay on topic if you can.

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I’m rude because of a bit of sarcasm?
And you’re changing the subject as you’re accusing me of changing the subject after changing the subject in your previous post.

Stop changing the subject :)

Yeah, these adults can access forums and give feedback, unlike kids.

The only map changes I know of added hills, not flattened the map.

Most people complaining are people who can no longer shoot in to the enemy spawn from their favorite perch.

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I stopped complaining because it changed nothing. I adapted and now only play tanks that can fight from behind hills. Also fighters. Good times are over for me.

Though I agree with the statement, that most changes are making the maps even more dull.

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I disagree that it makes matches dull. I think being unable to traverse an area due to lack of cover and an enemy tank AFK on the other side shooting you is boring. I find the ability to flank by utilizing cover is much more engaging. Even when I’m trying to prevent vehicles from running to a position I don’t like fighting across large open fields it doesn’t feel natural and it feels static and pointless.