Maps are too small for grb in higher tiers

When you get the around 9.0 and beyond, literally half the maps are too tiny. We’re talking about tanks that are built to engage each other over 1 - 2 km out and we’ll be lucky to have a map that’s 2 square kilometers total. Why do we see maps literally 1 square kilometer OR LESS in size (maps meant for 1.0 vehicles) AT 11.7!? A lot of tanks you can’t even use their armor effectively because they weren’t meant to be able to take hits from closer ranges (type 74 and beyond for japan are a great example). I’ve noticed recently that the fun I have in the game is directly linked to what size map I’m on. Almost like it’s not fun leaving spawn, dying within 1 minute because you traveled 400 meters over 30 seconds until you were right on top of the other team. Then by minute 2 of the game you’re already being spawn camped. I wish i was exaggerating but I’ve literally timed it multiple games, it’s far more common than it should be and is almost a guarantee on the small maps. It’s also a big thing for 1 death leavers. I’m certainly not spawning in again when my team lost the first push and there’s 6 people at every angle of my spawn waiting for me to come out, or for my invincibility to end.


More Fulda / Reworked EU Province

Less Pradesh / Artic / Golden Quarry / Red Desert / Spaceport

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Maps are small for the sake of fast paced, relatively easy gameplay.

It sucks, makes for consistent one sided rolls, generally unfun matches that always play out the same, and render a lot of vehicles completely pointless due to their nature, but that’s the road Gaijin decided to follow for a variety of reasons.

I’d tell you to come over to SB, but you’d just spend 10 minutes in queue to get Sweden anyway. The only thing you can do is run as many lineups as you can and hope for RNG to eventually throw you a bone.
As far as I’m concerned with the maps I do enjoy, I fall at around 250/19. With around 15 lineups I’m somewhat able to play.


I agree with you. They could at least get rid of maps like Carpathians and Sinai from the higher br rotations. They might work in lower BRs, but they don’t do so well when everyone is minimum 2x faster than the original BR tanks they were built for. There’s a lot of maps that are stuck in a horrible limbo where they’d be fine if they were increased in size by 750 meters they would actually be playable. I’m sure the playerbase would be happy to hold W for 30 - 60 more seconds if it helps to deal with some of the big problems that have always plagued top tier. (One sided matches and one death leavers. It wouldn’t completely solve either but it would certainly help) I’ve thought about getting into simulator battles since I’m good at identifying vehicles now, but every time I tried a match some idiot teamkills me minumum once per game anyways so I’m good

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I want big maps for ww2 vehicles too.

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We did had two bigger maps before but when we spawn in that map, most of players said “Oh no I refuse playing this map because too long to flying” then they left. I do like playing big map to grinding RP.

There’s tons of long distance maps. The game’s controls and general gameplay flow aren’t exactly made for such huge maps however, mainly since in the game you’re both missing central Command and Control coordinating battles on such huge swathes of terrain and modern Fire Control allowing engagement at such distances.

There are some big maps but they rarely come up in the matchmaker at top tier.

Also there is no need for fire control on large maps. Laser range finders already make it very easy to engage targets

Seems the only changes to maps in the last year was to make them smaller, adding OB zones or just shrinking them. Oh and they took time, while everything else is needing serious attention to add “Wind” to maps…yes some tech was tasked with adding wind??? I mean WTF? And did such a good job of it, it’s like vision rendering, hurricane winds all around me, but across the street, calm. Aircraft unaffected, dropped bombs/rockets flying straight (well as straight as before) unaffected by winds of 100K???
Really got to wonder about the Snails priorities.

Red desert I am pretty sure is the largest map in game and plays perfectly for top tier.


What is your definition of a big map, like give me a map as a example. Because even maps like Aral Sea are just too small. (That one in particular is incredibly skewed to one team but that’s a conversation for another time.) The games controls don’t seem to favor any particular range, maybe 3rd person peeking but that’s incredibly useful regardless of if you’re 10m or 1km away from enemies. If you feel you need anything outside of the tools you already have in game when it comes to the FCS on tanks, then that’s just unironically a kill issue. Haven’t had a issue hitting moving targets at long range since I reached rank 3 in my first nation. (And no, I haven’t played any tank games before i picked up war thunder so it’s not “I’m just sweaty”) We’re talking about the general range of 9.0 (roughly) and beyond, where people already have already played hundreds of hours of ground battles just to reach. Sure you could defend all of the lvl 12s who just forked over $60+ to buy 10.0, but they should’ve already known what they’re getting into when it comes to experience gaps

First of all, notice how I said “GRB” and this post is in the ground battles tag? That means I’m talking about ground realistic battles, not air battles. And second of all, those maps you’re talking about are still in the game. The only reason they “removed” them (AKA moved them up to 11.0+) Is because they literally doubled the default map size for all maps at 9.3 (roughly, was probably a bit lower) during that same update and the EC maps are so big that the subsonics were so slow they’d arrive at bases when the match was pretty much over. The other huge maps that were in rotation for lower brs was just a dumb decision since they’re literally made for supersonics. I actually think that maps for air battles while not perfect, are in a decent spot. (Air has a slew of other problems instead) I dont want bigger maps for tanks that can’t use them, I want bigger maps for higher tier tanks that have a average speed of 60km - 70km or higher if it’s not a mbt and are literally built to engage eachother at ranges over 1km. I’m sure people can cope with holding W for a extra 30 - 60 seconds if it means they don’t get spawn trapped 2 minutes in after dying 1 time. Just like how so many people complained about bigger maps in air rb, yet those complaints disappeared when the changes actually happened and they realized they have a chance to position themselves now

I would too, but the majority of the community likely won’t since the tanks at that br move at a literal fraction of the speed of higher br tanks. People will just see it as pain when you’re in something like a maus or tortoise and it takes 2 years just to get to the battle. Concessions have to be made unfortunately

I need a space to fully utilize a potential of M18.

Its graphic design is just absolutely horrendous. Also, haven’t seen it in a while, I thought it got removed.

Fulda gap is larger I think.

There is no flow to the map putting random pillars of rock in a flat plain does not make a map good

“bigger =/= better”

We need large well designed maps not garbage


Yes!!! Like fuldra,pradesh and OG modzok

Pradesh is horrible it’s a bowl with no terrain to move between large open spaces making everyone rush the two same roads making it a glorified CQC map

If you do long sniping it’s not open field engagements it’s sniper nests which is atrocious

With size of sim mode Spain but for tanks.

There are about 5 out of 51. That’s not a lot.