MAPS are crazy bad!

I am so tired of the same horrible maps over and over! Why? Why are these maps so bad? Does Gaijin really not get it? At what point do you realise players will NOT spend any money on playing a game they don’t like! Just peruse this forum and you will see that 99% of all post are complaints and the same complaints over and over! get a clue Gaijin seriously! Stop adding new stuff until you fix all of the problems prior.


There’s a reason they make new maps.
The developers making new stuff aren’t the bugfixing developers.
They do different roles.

Yes Alvis, we all know you defend everything Gaijin.


The maps are getting worse with every low effort thread on this forum lol

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As a software engineer for a company that absolutely dwarfs Gaijin…

The roles are usually the same. You just work on different tasks at different times. The point in highlighting my companies size is that even with a tremendously larger budget, we don’t just have dedicated big fix engineers. We have engineers and they solve things at different times. For a smaller software firm to have dedicated engineering roles for just bugfixes would be crazy.

Literally nothing in my post is defending anything.
The fact you post calling bad maps bad is defending Gaijin is something else.

Please use proper forum section to discuss specific game mode.