Map Type Choices Domination/Conquest/Both

Gaijin, in the preferred map screen consider giving players the option to choose between Domination or Conquest maps or both. The current limited like, dislike or ban map options seems to have little impact on map rotation. Allow players to check a box to choose which style of map they want to play. Domination, Conquest or Both.

Honestly these new conquest maps are horrible. I quit before the battle begins as they usually result in just a rush to spawn camp either by my teammates or the enemy team. The problem is compounded when there is only one spawn point. Doesn’t make for a fun game experience.

Broaden the ability of players to choose the type of maps they want to play. Seems to be a win win for all.

One spawn point never be the problem
Truth problem is players behaviour(premium-one-death-quit,trolling low tier vehicle into high tier battle.etc.) and unbalanced map design.
Another reason is players choice about driving easy-to-win vehicles
Choose type of the map is not the way do deal with this kinda situation

It’s not specifically about one spawn point. It’s about larger maps with more capture points provide a greater diversity of place style.

Larger map cant agree more
Fell sick about these days map change