Map Sizes

What’s the biggest map in the game?

And is it even possible for the engine to handle bigger maps than those large ones already in the game? Have we reached the maximum practical map size for the engine to handle?

I believe max map size is 128k x 128k.

Is that maximum practical map size or maximum that the game can handle?

If you are talking about Ground:

i think its less about the engine and more about the clients being able to render things that far away. because its not only about rendering in the tanks, you also HAVE to render in everything in between as to not create mismatch in what players see (being hidden behind building but can still be seen by another player).

IIRC There are several maps at 4x4km but most of them feel smaller because of the centers of the maps being on hills making longer shots harder. Tunisia [Battle #2] is in my opinion the map that at least feels the biggest because of the valley its played in making 3km + shots sort of common.

i personally would like to see at least some bigger maps made to make REALY long range sniping a thing once in a while.

for Air:
many maps are 131kmx131km (128km x 128km usable in practice).
i don’t think bigger maps are needed before the addition of ARH missiles (slated for soon™). Then perhaps after that they could add a few bigger ones for top tier only. and in air you don’t need to render in the planes at far distances; if you are at a level where you have radar its not needed to render them in and if you don’t have radar then nothing you have in terms of armament is going to reach very far anyway so no need to see something further than 15-20km.

But all this is mostly personal opinion.

Red Desert is probably the biggest ground map, but it’s rarely seen in top tier matches now. I guess gaijin just want the game to become more fast paced so I doubt they’ll add any bigger map in the future.