Map rotations, Ground Realistic

Please… Please change the frequency of “snow maps” appearing. It’s all I seem to get.
The reduced cover of these maps makes the already bad problem of being constantly sniped from across the map, and worse the inability to avoid getting smashed by CAS intolerable.

For context, I only play ground, rank 4 and below, that’s where the vehicles I’m interested are. A lot of these vehicles have no counter to CAS, except to hide. Winter maps even take that away.

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This is not a dueling game it is a team game. The original thought is a team can work out what it needs and if the first few people dying don’t adapt to the situation then you “all suffer” (apart from those relishing in such poor team play by knowing how to farm kills when on the back foot or not, you will see Content Creators do this a lot on their videos as only stats count).

Of course teamwork is hard to achieve as all need to be on board and most are just doing their own thing (much to the glee of stat padders).

Point being we all know the rules and the expectations of RBGF and not being able to directly counter is part of the requirement of team.

Sadly if you play like this your team quality counts and a bad team is a bad team; only takes one low BR plane to stop the enemy planes fixated on the ground.

If people took more responsibility of their team than their own wants and needs a lot of the one-sided mess would not happen (of course players can over do it with spamming not quite needed vehicles, like too many planes doing sweet fa (when enemy planes also up) or a whole team of SPGs etc)

I like snow maps as the mobility is vastly increased (reasons) and much easier to see with barren trees. All this with IV and below in mind and on the ground as my CAP is geared for anti-air defence (then land and quit back to ground depending on the situation).

Only problem is a few of the maps I dislike so chance of getting two versions of the same map is a bit annoying if my lineup doesn’t gel with them (leave before spawn so not mess with other players games). At least the Euro Prov small map has a few different features (hills removed) and skating on ice on usually non-travelled lakes does have its moments!

It might be the case map bans and dislikes whittle available maps down to what we see as the silent majority control the average match. Maybe most like them, you might be in a minority (say for example most like quick CQC fights so more and more the game turns into boring face smacking in the same spots).


I agree this game is supposed to be co-operative team play, but I see very little “gross” teamwork in battles I play. I guess those in “squadrons” will see better teamwork, and the advantage of VOIP. Recently I have seen more and more “minor” team play, such as helping to repair, call out enemy positions etc, which is good.
It is (IMHO) still very biased towards individual play, the daily tasks, event tasks while getting better, entice people to chase the rewards and play to the task nominated vehicle type, or result, and not team work so much.
But that’s humans being humans I guess. I wish I saw even a few of my team members who like to fly attempt some “CAP” and provide aerial anti-air. But that’s very very rare to see, in my jaded old age I put that down to bombing ground targets to be so much easier than air - to - air . I’m not interested in flying, do it very rarely, but can still rack up a few ground “kills” in a plane without much stress. I suck at dogfighting, mainly as I’m just not interested in it, and have bad Australian regional internet and 63 yo reflexes (Getting placed 5th or higher, or 5 “kills”, or just an enjoyable game is a win for me).
But on the rare times I take out a plane, it’s a “fighter bomber” so once I’ve dropped the ordnance I’ll run CAP… but I suck so it’s not that successful.

I have no map bans in place, that mechanic never seemed to work reliably, if I could I’d set all snow maps to disliked to attempt to reduce their frequency (not stop them entirely), but you can’t.

You appear to like an open map, to me it often devolves to a sit back and snipe match, which gets boring quickly, and comes down to best monitor wins.
Being able to use cover to maneuver is more interesting for me, and doesn’t make the slower vehicles redundant, and easily targeted as they try to cross open field with no cover.
I’d like a better rotation and variation of maps, but I’m not seeing it. A mix of CQC, long distance, city, fields, but I’m seeing snow at least 40-50% of the time. Of course we humans tend to notice what we don’t like more than we notice a balance… like the queue we’re in is always the longest, the rest always seem shorter…

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The game has devolved into a situation where the fastest vehicles win (most cases).

With the increase in open, snow maps, whoever gets to the location where you can sit and snipe into the spawn first wins, game over. With the roadmap saying there’ll be a reduction in trees on a lot of forested maps… it’s going to be worse. 7/10 maps I get are snow, not estimated, that’s what I got sinse my last post.

So many maps already give an advantage to one side being able to see right into the spawn from the caps, or further. Even to get to a “built up” town area in a lot of maps, you have an uphill struggle across the open. No wonder there’s so many “1 death and quit” players, why throw away in game SL to try to struggle out of the spawn once you’ve died?