Map rotation is just plain BAD!

Been away from the game for a number of months and thought I’d try the game again to see if things had improved. In the past few days that I’ve played again, and while considering whether to buy Premium account, the one thing that cheeses me off to the point where I can neither play the game anymore, let alone break out my wallet, is the CONSTANT repetition of the same maps. At times 5 or more times in a row and often not even changing ends. This is just plain lazy of Gaijin and I will NOT be continuing with the game while this goes on. Could you possibly make the game any more boring than playing the same maps over and over? Just not good enough.


The game seems to select maps in ticks, while a map is selected if your game ends too soon you’ll get the same map, if you leave you’ll get the same map.


Well, you’re both right and wrong at the same time.

Overall, the map rotation works fine, as long as each game lasts around 8-10 minutes. It seems like all servers run a common map rotation. This means that, for example, players who often do zero- or one-death-leaves will get the same map over and over again.

I myself detest the “new” ultra narrow conquest maps where you are forced into a head-on confrontation, and I always make a zero-death-leave as I simply refuse to play them. However, this means I have to wait about 10 min. before I can join a new battle, otherwise I’ll just get the same crappy map again.


I 2nd this, whenever I tried to use 1 tank 1 plane combo for the sake of having fun, whenever I die and leave the next game, always the same map multiple times. Whenever I last longer, I get different map.

This is what I also see when I play, the problem is that matches tend to get shorter and shorter and so even when someone stays until the end it is not granted that you won’t see the exact same map on your next match, which sucks considering the amount of different maps the game has.

This is why nowadays I always got a lot of YT tabs opened in the background with videos I want to watch, when Gaijin decides to give me one of those shitty cropped maps I just go watch some video while my crew unlocks. And just to add, that these cropped versions of maps usually tend to be very short matches, which mean that it is likely that you’ll get them again on your next one.
Is this positive to the game? I don’t think so but I refuse to play them. I don’t really hate the maps, I just hate certain versions of them.


I leave the red line maps instantly on principle


Just don’t. I regret buying mine on sales. Just play as it is.

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Pretty much standard forever. 5 same games in a row is the norm, if not at least the same one after the other, repeat. Does white rock fortress still exist? No idea last time I saw it.

Or this tirade…

Seems like a lot of problems you think stem from the game, rather than you expecting things to be favouring you…

How is it a “tirade” to point out that it’s rubbish that players have to play the same map over and over? It’s just lazy on Gaijin’s part.

You my friend are so deluded that despite hundreds and hundreds of threads posted by hordes of different players, all of which highlight areas of the game that they feel could be improved or reviewed, you can’t comprehend there being ANYTHING E V E R wrong with your precious game. You need therapy… SOON. :-)

As Uncle J Wick pointed out, try to get it through your thick skull that there is a wide variety (age, ethnic background, education) of players on WT and not everyone sees “The Flying Dictator’s” version of the game as necessarily the optimal game that WT could be, so they post about improvements they would like to see. It’s then in Gaijin’s court as to whether that’s something they want to implement, which is no doubt a question of “would this make us more money”. But of course it’s usually not what YOU want so you just try to shout them down in case one day it might affect you in some miniscule way, and you couldn’t have that being the arrogant selfish narcissist that you are. Your MO as usual being to try to bully and antagonise those people into saying something that you can then run off to the mods about to try to get them banned, so there’s one less person on here who disagrees with you. Pathetic.

I don’t care about the topic, I just want to avoid spamming up that other thread with your problem with me, so maybe get with the program and understand that you are small fry, abusive, and a projectionist, because everything you say is an insult at every turn because you genuinely can’t converse.

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Pretty indicative of the true issue here.

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Much the same as the thread we came from, where the OP is calling someone an exploiter, and demanding they get punished for a mistake THEY made by being too confident in approaching the airfield in desperation to get a kill.


It’s a fact. That you can’t see it makes me think you need that therapy ASAP!

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Pretty sad when a 6 year old is teaching you how to spell. Baaaaaahahahahahaha!!!

just this really ^

Big issue is they ruined so many maps and many players will not play red lined maps out of principle.

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You’re a brave man to agree with me on anything. You just painted a FlyingDoctor target on your back…

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I cant see his posts on here I turned him off a long time ago.

Damn good move. Might have to do likewise. :)

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