Map rotation ...again

Well i thought 3 or 4 weeks ago something got changed since i where changing from top tier sweden to BR 9-10 Italy to get that grind done (which i am trying like 3 years). I had the impression finally i get more bigger maps that i wanted. But after got molestet by uptiering me 95% of all the matches i thought fck italy (again) and go play sweden.
And once again: small maps 80% of all matches, repeadingly the same maps in a row and so on and so on.
I am again about to leave this game once and for all. It is redicolous to assume that a BRVIII vehicle tree is adding something to the game…it will be worse…

Again i have hopes you finally take notice and do something but again i will be disappointed so again i keep my expectations low till again i cant take it anymore…

yes top tiers heavily encoreges cheating in this this game and is worse than wot, most of the russian hating players cries about russia bias, when they rush swpankill in most of the maps, Gajin forgat that all those western MBTs have over 70tons and are not racing cars that can accelerate 0 to 70 in 5 sec, and you have all this BS game where all the leos and m1s rush the map and most of the games they endup in spawnkilling everything even if they make maps bigger this wont change, they need to toon down the rushing meta for this game to be anything but decent. I guess Gajin is desesperate for money and the US/EU players pays the most. This game was good 8 years ago now is quite garbage.

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