Map of NYC

I think Gaijin Should add a map of NYC.
I want other peoples opinion too.


I dispise skyscrapers. As long it’s not Manhattan it’s fine I guess…

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Imagine boming a mic donalds tho


I’d love that XD

please not.
We already have enough city maps or maps with significant ammounts of city in it.
I’d like big maps without much city.


especially since Gaijin still hasn’t implemented the fully destructable environment, they teased us 8 years ago


It would partially solve the issue of CAS because of the skyscrapers


Heli players would enjoy NYC more due to more skyscrapers covering them from SPAA though, not fun for Jets though as tankers can hide easily from them. Maybe if they added a train station tunnel with a cap zone inside would be nice, be having an underground battle while also having outside fights.

Honestly an interesting map to play on.

EDIT: The road above will be destroyed turning it into some entrance/exit ramps for tanks along with multiple mini ramps on the train tracks so ya wont get stuck lol.

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dude a map thats entirely underground like with train tunnels to go through and everything would be SOOO fucking cool


More US maps, give me that highway assault.

The need to add the tank “little Willie” to the British tec tree.

another bland awful city map? no thanks

I think really that there should not be an American map, unless it appeared in any historical war or battle within their borders covering the years of the vehicles available in research trees. The Japanese, Germans, Russians, no one, has actually invaded for a war for any tank or aircraft battles to have happened. Not that I know of anyway. Not unless you count Godzilla.

To start putting in maps just because people want them is now going into “fiction”. Let’s not spoil the game.


Maybe a well made one? I think yes,

Like we see on North Holland which features a building with accessible interior, not the best thing made in War Thunder but it’s something.

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Detroit would be suitable.

I’d rather like to see a russian city map and a nuked version of it. You know, just to have a russian counterpart to Alaska… :)

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