Map layout at higher tiers (8.3+)

We need to talk about map design especially on maps like Ardennes and Battle of Hürtgen Forest

There are maps/scenarios where the 2 spawns are vissible from the start of the match, which is not that big of a problem in low to mid tiers, however once we get up to high br and tanks get laser rangefinders this becomes a huge issue. The match becomes a gigantic campfest where everybody throwing APFSDS/ATGM s at eachother.

It’s not fun, nor engaging to do or to receive this. All the thinking and tactics gets thrown out the window and the game devolves into a western standoff where people just sit in the spawn and unload on eachother hoping that the enemy dies sooner then them. Also good luck trying to leave the spawn, you are going to get the authentic duck hunt experience (you will be the duck).

Things need to change! Remove theese maps from high tier, change the map design, or the spawn locations.


Ardennes winter is totally broken after the last "“fix”…doesnt seem like it was tested at all before implemented!
Or Gaijin wants the teams to have an immediate standoff from spawn to spawm for even faster games…

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Gaijin does not value spawn protection in map design.