Map guides, please

Can We have some decent map guides please. Just the basics like which 2 capture points to take, where to go playing support, brawl, scout etc, heavey etc
I just played hurtgen forest domination, half my team went into the forest to the south east, we did not even touch a capture point yet alone cap it and defend. Ive watched a few on YouTube which helped my game. ive not seen anything like it this time round.

I am fare from the best or even average player out there but at least i try and got the basics down. Im thinking to my self is there zny point in hitting that “To Battle” button

its not due to players not knowing what to do. its because for most players getting kills is more important than the team winning and they do not care about winning. only getting kills or bombing bases if their in air to get to the top tier the fastest

I know what your saying there about only caring about there K/D. Just shows those who say i have a better K/D or belittle those that have negative probably the ones crying in this forum about map changies ie out of bound areas or someone put a rock in a well known op sniping spot. Like thats the only position they will ever play on that map and if they cant they ODL.

The fights are at the cap points. Some maps the cap points are the best points to hold, like point C at ash river for example. or B on jungle. Its a backwards mentality what i see going on.
Spawn camping that has to stop, that is the most pathetic thing i have seen in WT

well, thats just the average mindset and the grind is so abhorrent that most peoples brains are cooked and play the game just to grind and are not playing it to win or have fun. war thunder is a job for most players.