Map designs

I swear, every single time Gaijin “fixes” a map it etiher becomes one very good, or you just get on it and straight after you see it and go “What is this crap?” At some points I really sit and think that “AI” would do better job at designing maps than whoever doing it in their office. Absolutely absurd restrictions, redesigns that doesn`t make sense, and more… When will we get actually GOOD map desicions? Or at least more ban options…


If we had unlimited bans id only have fields of poland, and other BIG mountainy tree maps. All cqb gone!


moving the sinai map to remove the sniper spots without altering the spawn points was comedic in how bad it was. i think they need to listen to why people are complaining in a different way

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Has anyone ever got the North Holland map with the capture points laid out from East-to-West recently? Every time I encounter it now it’s all North-To-South arrangement with the entire Eastern side across the creek turned into an out-of-bounds area. This leads to a very predictable gameplay of the North spawn having unquestionably better sniping position on the Western open fields, leading the North team to easily capture their cap and the mid cap (A and B) in the early game, before the Southern team eventually just steamroll mid from sheer volume being funnelled into the city blocks and possibly capture the North cap.

I’ve played the east west one a few times and it’s not a bad layout. The north south arrangement, requires at least one person to move the west side of the map if you spawn in the south bottom corner and sit behind the slight hill to prevent tanks from rolling through and side shooting everyone.

But most players just press W and move straight ahead…


Yeah, the East-West one is pretty alright, I just haven’t seen it in a while so I was wondering if Gaijin removed it. Agreed with your tactics for North-South, though!

Gaijin will just add another high tier vehicle and everyone will forget the maps are shit.


What’s a good map change?! I don’t recall seeing a single good one.

Zero discussion with or consultation of the playerbase. Map changes seemingly designed to frustrate the “realistic” capabilities they implement. Simplification by the removal of trees & other details to the point where graphically they appear very dated.


Tunisia was the only good map. They’re making the smaller and smaller and it’s just becoming shit. Just make maps with long range, mid range, and short range sides like Tunisia used to have.


This have never happened

Actually, yes, that would be great idea to get AI to do maps, it would only be better