Map design, especially at higher tiers

What do we have to do to get SOMEONE from Gaijin to actually play their own maps?? It took less than 2mins total match time before my entire team was getting spawn camped.

A lot of this happens on WWII era maps that are CLEARLY for slower, lower BR tanks. Instead, theyre getting slotted for modern tanks and the result is the same every match. 1 team wins the initial engagement and rushes into the enemy spawn with no chance to come back. Most of the tanks at higher tiers go 40mph… it should take more than 35sec to go from your spawn all the way into the enemies.

Some of the maps are entirely too small for the BRs theyre being played on.

With all the changes Gaijin has listened to so far, THIS has always been my biggest gripe with the game that has never been addressed. For the love of dog, can SOMEONE please start looking into this kind of stuff???

On which map did your battle from the screenshot take place?

Poor map design isn’t only an issue at top tier. It is way worse at higher tiers, but its still really bad at lower BRs.

Gaijin needs to get a better map design team, and they need to rework/redo so many maps. They have tried, and failed, just look at normandy or any of the more recent smaller map changes.

I don’t need to see the picture and i agreed with you i know what is it yes high tier map are too small when thermal and laser rangefinder coming to play it need rework a lot

Maps are too small and often also dumbed down with interesting areas flagged as inaccessible.

Like this one. Suddenly all the high ground is now offmap. Its not just on Maginot. Also on several African maps. Normandy, the Arctic ones. Its just as if everything should drive into the map center to duke it out like medieval knights in close range fights. Thats not exactly tactical tank gameplay. Closed down high grounds. Closed flanking routes…meh. Maps are gutted.


I honestly forget the name… it’s one of the more incredibly small ones where B is in the middle of a town with rubble as part of the circle and a big cathedral maybe 50m more into town. Then a small line of houses going out to the left along a road and then completely open.

Essentially they won the initial brawl then just shot everyone as we HAVE to come UP and OVER a hill to get to the rest of the map. So you can just sit in the town and wait for everyone coming over that hill or push forward onto the hill and shoot as the enemy team spawns.

Its usually a good match at lower BRs because you cant just rush everything… but high BR its atrocious.

Yea i am NOT a fan of what they did to Normandy. Whoever came up with that crap needs to be fired or work on something else. (Preferably not War Thunder… they can go work on CrossOut or something.)


This one?

ALSO… what in the HELL are THESE maps about??? I’m currently in this one and see it a LOT!? WHYYYY tho??


Negative… its like a half bombed out French village. I always remember the single paved road going thru the whole map and a few buildings people like to hide behind that has A and leads to B…

I think it is the reworked Kursk map but they got no pic of it in the wiki. I just watched some replays from you …


Do you have this turned on? It looks like that you join sometimes 2min later into the battle and in toptier this is deadly on small maps.

I just got it again xD It’s Ardennes. And no I never use the join in progress option… I’ve had that turned off for years.

I watched some replays and I you’re right. There are maps that are too small for those fast hightier tanks …
I dare to make the bold claim that you too can work on your skills on the battlefield. I know you didn’t ask about that. But I’m not here to find new friends. It’s always a bit frustrating when players ask for changes to the maps while only using 10% of them.

I can absolutely improve. It’s hard to do that sometimes tho when you just get annihilated in a spawn from either getting rushed or from halfway across the map tho too. /shrug

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Gaijin need to make non-100% linear maps. Maybe we players like to flank.