Map colour code wanted

I’m researching all the nations that have subs or info that relating to them having a sub at this time.

Can some one colour code a map that corresponded to the list I have ?

US = Non
Germany = Non
USSR = Non
Britain = India & South Africa
Japan = Asean (Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam)
France = Benelux
Italy = Minor Axis (Hungary & Romania)
China = Non
Israel = Non
Sweden = Scandinavia (Finland, Norway & Denmark)

Anyone who is wondering about Japan it’s this I’m relying on

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you mentioned all the sub-nations. On the other hand, there are unofficial ones or nations which are present by a single vehicle in certain trees (if you ever want to add them).


For example we can assume that Argentina is a German subtree even if this has never really been confirmed or made official.

For vehicles in game which belong to countries different from those of the trees we can cite:
Austria in the French and Swedish trees
Turkey in the American and Italian tree
Ireland in the United Kingdom tree
Syria in the Russian tree
The Czech Republic in the Russian tree
Kasakstan in the Russian tree
Slovakia in the Russian tree
Poland in the English tree
Australia in the English tree
Canada in English and American trees
Jordan in the English tree
New Zealand in the English tree
Thailand in the Japanese tree
North Korea in the Chinese tree
Pakistan in the Chinese tree
Brazil in the Italian tree
Portugal in the Italian tree
Oman in the Italian tree

I’m not including them.

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Burma is the old name of Myanmar. Use the new name.

I think the only official subtrees you have so far are Finland, Hungary, Belgium-Netherlands and South Africa. All the rest are random single premiums/squadron/event vehicles and set no precedent.