Map Changes of recent update

Dear Warthunder Dev. Team,

please undo the recent canges to Maps like Poland, Japan, American Desert and 38th Parallel or Normandy.

For Japan you took away a good hiding spot for light vehicles at the center. It was just fine and easy to defeat.

38th parallel already was one of the worst maps in game, now its
even worse. You raised the rocks overlooking the center so you cant see over them anymore. Just why?

Poland and American Desert changes just made the maps way worse. While i personally dont like these close cqb maps, some are enjoyable. American Desert had this one spot from where you could protect you team from beeing spawncamped. It was easily defeated by air the other side. You removed it.

For Poland. While I like the addition of the town on the side, I don´t get all the other changes. Just add more hills infront of the spawns so you don´t get sniped while spawning in.

Can we please get more Maps like Mozdok, Sinai, Spaceport, Wallonia (the big one), Kursk and Maginot Line.

Maps where you can do Tank things, like moving, observing and shooting at range, where you have to lead your target and at least know a little about what you are doing. And please add more sniping and flanking options so you can actually play a game.

You removed alot of places on other maps before. These nice sniping spots. Please add them back in.

And please remove these terrain modifiers that make fast vehicles so slow. I mean I get a deep puddle of mud slowing you down, but a sligthly wet field or sand should not affect mobility.

Kind regards.


Amen, Brother.

But People are saying this since the first Map changes to the worse, and still they keep doing bad changes to the maps at every update. Like… every update.

So they want it to be that way, for whatever reason.
Its their decision. As it is my decision to stop playing this game. I actually switched from tank games to something else in the last days, these flapping trees were just the icing on the cake.
And no, WoT is no option, thats even worse.

And they actually had the right idea when describing their wanted changes… “Make sniping positions equal for both teams without removing them”. “Make driving on the opposite teams river flank more dangerous but also more rewarding”

How did they go from that to a total removal of all sniping spots on C and making it easier to traverse the other side of the river with 0 chance of the enemy killing you first?

The worst change is probably “Normandy town”
They adressed the unequal cap situation which is the only positive.
They added a convinient flat sniping hill between the spawns of the “A-Side” team which is easy to access from the “C-Side” team but not from “A-Side” and makes spawn sniping of A Team even easier then it used to be. You also defend the cap while doing it so it is actually required to play that position and mob the enemy team. Great design

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The map changes are the worst I have seen. I keep asking: who are these changes for?? What is the audience for this??

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