Man, Talk about some predatory Marketing - "Item Preview"

So I woke up bright and early today and figured I’d Hop on to play early after the chinese got off for the night and before the west coast wakes up in the united states and I was having a great time UNTIL I switched to my japanese lineup. To my dismay and utter shock, the Type 74 (G) was able to be previewed and test driven BUT NOT BOUGHT. Gaijin, Please elaborate on your logic behind showing people vehicles they cannot have? If it was removed from the store, why have you not removed it from that shipping trailer that sits in the hanger? I would have shelled out the golden eagles to buy it in a heart beat after that test drive but instead a complete lack of schmeckles to give in either the Bug Fixing department or the QA Department has contributed to my daily dose of depression as a DIRECT RESULT of this game.

So this post ends entirely predictably and unoriginally, GAIJIN FIX YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU PUSH IT TO THE PUBLIC. Y’all are worse than battlefield 2042 at this point, which is saying something…

Cause it returns on some ocassions during the year, so take it like preview of what you can buy some day to grind your Japan tree.

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Yeah, no… I actually agree with him. They can bring the preview back when it’s buyable.


I mean the fact that I cant buy it now, makes me not wanna buy it in the first damn place. Thats like sticking a face sized lollipop in front of a child at easter and saying “you can have it at christmas”

By the time christmas has come, the lollipop in question has lost all intrigue and desire

Except in this case it doesnt, cause your only other option is to buy Type 16 (FPS) and if you dont want that,then have to wait for 74G. As not everything is permanently obtainable, then this give you even some insight into, oh this thing exist, i can get it when it will be available.

Yeah the snail has you gargling its nuts then chief. You’ve fallen for the “IDC CONSOOM” trap. I’m complaining about a bug in game that shows you unattainable vehicles. This serves no other purpose than to infuriate players that WOULD normally be willing to buy it. I know what the 74G is. I know that it was removed, and i know that it comes back periodically. If you think that its morally ok for gaijin to show players vehicles that they can’t obtain, you have something lose in your noggin because you are a few screws short of a full box.

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People need to be able to do armor analysis and see what it’s weaknesses are etc. to face it properly. For example, newbies absurdly have absolutely no clue where the weak points are on the Ka Chi even though it’s trivial, tons of not-even-newbies have no idea where to shoot the Sturmtiger, etc., largely because you can’t preview it and see where to shoot these things.

(I believe you still technically can with weird out of game hyperlinks and crap, but like 99% of people don’t know how to do that.)

That said I still agree that everything should be accessible or available for sale somehow. Even if it’s something like “swap out old event vehicles for the prizes for new events” or whatever. So mainly agreed with you, but just definitely not on the “hiding the previews” part.

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How is this predatory marketing?

Me getting ‘notification’ and full pop-up about ‘special’ deal for RANK 2 ( out of all things) is predatory and the first time I felt like I’m playing Free to play game.