Makran IFV: BTR-50 Reborn

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Flag_of_Iran_svg.png.aaadd9d254db966591eMakran IFV

Disclaimer : Many aspects of this vehicle such as weight, propulsion, and more remain unknown. As more information is released, this suggestion will be updated.


The Makran IFV.

  • Basic Description :
    • The Makran, or BTR-50PK Makran, is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and development of the legacy Soviet BTR-50 Armored Personnel Carrier. The original BTR-50 was developed in the Soviet Union as an amphibious armored personnel carrier (APC) while being based off of the PT-76. In 1966, during the Shah-era, the Iranian military placed an order for 270 BTR-50’s to assist in rapid troop movement with some of these remaining in service today. Due to being such an old design, the Iranian military decided in the mid-2010’s to upgrade the BTR-50 to extend its life and capabilities resulting in the Makran, named after the Makran coast. Designed and produced by the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization, the Makran made its debut in 2020 featuring several upgrades that differ from the base BTR-50. The Makran retains a similar layout to the original BTR-50, maintaining several key characteristics, with the addition of several modifications such as a new unmanned combat module, dubbed the Raad-2, a new unspecified Diesel Engine and Transmission, as well as improved armor plating on the UFP, and the hull sides and bottom. Within the Raad-2 combat module is a Shipunov 2A42 Autocannon that can adjust its rate of fire from around 200rds/min all the way up to 800rds/min. It utilizes the 30x165 cartridge and can fire a variety of ammunition from APDS-T, HEF-I, and many others. 500rds of 30x165 are stored for the main gun. Other weapons include the 7.62mm PKT machine gun with 2,000rds of ready to use ammunition as well as the ability to mount anti-tank guided missiles such as the Toophan or Sadid-1, however not much is known of this capability. The main gun is fired by the Gunner who uses an advanced dual-display FCS that can access the electro-optical sight with thermal imaging rated at 4km, as well as an integrated laser rangefinder which has a max range of 10km. Not much is known of the Makran, however it is believed to have entered service in 2020, the year of its debut, with an unknown number of vehicles produced. The Iranian IRGC is the sole operator of the Makran.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • Origin:
      • Iran
    • Armament:
      • Combat Module: Raad-2
        • Unmanned Combat Turret
      • 2A42 30mm Autocannon (500rds)
        • Cartridge: 30x165
        • Ammunition:
          • 3UBR8 APDS-T
          • 3UBR6 AP-T
          • 3UOR6 HEF-I
          • 3UOF8 F-T
        • Feed System:
          • Dual-belt Fed
      • Coaxial: PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun (2,000rds)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 7.12m
    • Width: 3.17m
    • Height: 2.39m
    • Weight: ~15-16t
  • Mobility :
    • Engine: Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: TBD
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: TBD
  • Crew:
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Additional Features:
    • 5x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Amphibious
    • Armor:
      • Same layout as standard BTR-50.
      • Additional modular front plate.
      • Additional side and hull-bottom armor.
    • Optics:
      • Gunner:
        • Raad Electro-Optical Sight (3rd-generation Thermal Imager)
      • Commander:
        • Night Vision Periscope
      • Driver:
        • Night Vision Periscope
        • Possible Thermal Camera for more efficient night driving.
  • In-game :
    • The Makran IFV is a new light vehicle that is equipped with a powerful 30mm autocannon with APDS, capable of ripping into light and medium armor. However, like most IFV’s it is equipped with light armor to allow it to retain its amphibious capabilities as well as decent mobility. With its 3rd-generation thermal imager and laser rangefinder, night operations are not a concern. Ambush tactics, avoiding targets head on, and taking advantage of its unmanned turret in hull-down positions is key for survival.
    • The Makran would be fit well in the USSR tree as a premium or event vehicle or a future Middle East-style tree.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 8.0.
  • Sources:








Makran IFV images.




Images of the Raad-2 Unmanned turret FCS displays.


The Makran IFV on display.

نفربر آبی-خاکی مکران Makran IFV-APC - YouTube

Video of the Makran IFV.

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