Making the Maps Smaller

Making the map smaller is BS what are they trying to do to become World of Tanks this isn’t right that’s why we like War Thunder because the maps were bigger but now they put up barricades and big boulders that we can’t get around and they move the penalty zones in on the Maps and where your tank blows up if you don’t back in bounds before the time runs out you blow up and then you’re penalized to go back in another game with that vehicle for 5 minutes and the timer isn’t long enough to get back in bounds

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People cried about getting spanked by those who use their brains and the entire map so they removed good sniping spots and are now cutting out flank routes. God forbid players actually have to think. We can’t have that!



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Wouldn’t have many issues with an equal amount of small maps and large map variants in rotation, some tanks with crappy sight zoom really cannot perform in large maps, so occasional small maps will allow them to thrive.

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That’s not how sueing a company works buddy, and you wouldn’t be able to sue them either unless you’re in Hungary/Russia.

We haven’t had a map smaller than Berlin since Berlin released, so… definitely not getting smaller.

Even then, what grounds? He got a chat ban for breaking tos?

“For scamming my money over the years as I paid this company via in game purchases despite agreeing to all T&C” KEK

The heavy reworks over many maps is what Author seems to explain as unbearable.

The game made some building destructible, yet, we can’t use those destructions to create a rout or anything else, because the game is limiting those area with a killing timer.

The whole problem of Gaijin Maps, are the effective area of play,… most maps are limited by 2 to 5 corridors, in which you’re awaited by ennemies as Allies awaits for your ennemies.

Ultimately this helps CAS, as Tanks are concentrated in corridors, in which it’s easy to drop several dumb heavy bombs(500kg+), slightly spaced.


That’s right we can’t have people or kids using their heads when they’re playing this game can’t we lol

Saying it twice doesnt make it true. But feel free on giving a lawyer some money for him to say that you have no grounds to sue.

It is also community flagging, not mods.


Though the way he’s ranting and raving it won’t be long until he’s banned.

It also makes it easier for people to find enemies to fight. All you need to do drive forward until you meet them in the middle.

Just keep on tilting at those windmills, my man. LOL

Gaijin could delete your account today and there wouldn’t be any recourse for you. I’m also in the US, and I have more than just a passing familiarity with US civil law. You would have no case, but I’m sure you could find a questionable attorney who would be more than happy to take your money just to have a judge dismiss the case as frivolous. Not sure which State you live in, but that might be a great way to get closer to being on your State’s vexatious litigant list (if you’re not already on it).

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