Making the grind to top tier easier

Hi gaijin,
I have been playing this game for almost 2 years and yet I have still not been able to get a single top tier aircraft or tank. It is hard for me to grind in either air or ground because I love both of them and want to get to top tier in both. Sadly I cant just play the same plane or tank or even the same mode for long enough to get to the top as I just get bored of the repetition. I have dedicated most of my life to playing this game and its becoming a pain to play as all the tanks and planes I play are not the ones I want to play. Its frustrating to just sit in an f4s bomb a base get a kill then get destroyed by a mig-29 or f-16 that I have no chance at beating. I have always loved the f-14 and the f-15 and its so aggravating that in order to play the aircraft I love I need to limit my own fun by playing something I don’t enjoy and that’s not how I want to play my favorite video game. I was wondering if you guys could maybe implement a reward system similar to that of the DEV server or even half of that as it makes the game more fun when you can progress at a rate that allows you to get the things you want within either hours or a day or 2 vs. what you have now where its taking months or years to get to where you want to be. I think the worst part about it is that this game brings me actual pain to play and I’m regretting putting any money into it to try to help me progress faster as it doesn’t seem to have any effect. I just want to play the things I want to play and get them at a rate that lets me love my real life. At this point I might as well play other games like world of tanks and ace combat because you can actually progress in a decent amount of time, which is sad because I obsoletely love this game and love playing it but I just want to be able to play the things I want to play :(. All I want to play is the f-14’s and eventually the f15 and the m1a2 but in order to get those I need to play vehicles that I have no interest in playing and I need to play them for days worth of play time just to get a small chunk of RP for aircraft that I’m going to need to play just to get close to them. So after all this the one thing I want you guys to do is make it so that players like me that don’t have years to give to a video game a chance to play the vehicles at the top that we wish to play.
Thank you for reading and your consideration,


I agree, played around 4 years and it took me that long due to the repetition to reach top tier jets and 7.0 tanks on America. Not only that but due to that same repetition I am also 7.0 on Germany Tanks but that’s all!

It took me 7 months to grind France ground to the first Leclerc. 6 months for the US ground as I had up to Rank 4 already. Air is ~3 months if your tree is competitive, slowest grind being 6.0-10.0 as the entire BR range is a joke.

Free to play.

Holy Necro!

You don’t need to flex on people who have jobs and families and can barely put in 2 hours a week into the game.

I think most people can manage more than 2 hours a week of game time. Luckily if you can’t Gaijin offers both premium time and premium vehicles which accelerates your RP by nearly 5 times.

Necro or not, the grind hasn’t changed… you can also necro a post from 5 years ago and it’s equally valid.