Making Ground SB a realistic heaven for tankers

Hi. Since the gamemode isnt very popular maybe its a good time to rework it? Ground RB gamemode isnt that much realistic anymore, higher tiers on some of those sci-fi modern wannabe try hard maps feels arcade as hell … Ground SB could become like an actually proper realistic gamemode than Ground RB is trying to be?

It’s not popular because you can’t even play it and spend forever in queues, and when you do get in a game there are way too many copy paste vehicles across nations.


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To be honest a havent played sim battles at all, most of the time i played Ground RB, but im getting tired of it … some of those situations that can happen there, and mechanics that everyone like to exploit, the cas spam and just overall gameplay flow can be terrible … feels unrealistic as hell. But getting into RB battles is matter of seconds compared to SB …

Sim could be cool but the matchups are bad and the maps, as always, aren’t great either for it.
It could be a lot of fun, like a tank EC with large maps, FOBs and who knows what else, but they’ve neglected the mode for so long that it’s difficult to get any matches now, which is what Gaijin wants so they can continue to ignore it.

Sim GB are less and less enjoyable because of the unbalanced bracket lists, and since the costs of planes have decreased, because half of more of the teams are now in planes, making easy kills with large bombers or op cas…