Making Bushes Fair (Angle Limit for Bushes)

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As they currently stand bushes give a rather unfair advantage in GRB sometimes making tanks nigh indistinguishable from the front
despite that these can be shot off, when you can’t see someone, you don’t shoot them and a most of the times when someone places bushes on their tank these are in a way that they cover the turret sometimes completely

Seeing as the addition of a switch to disable decorations might not happen as an addition to the game, I suggest something that’s already implemented in the game and in some existing decorations

Decoration slope limit
Giving bushes slope limits, let’s say 50 degrees for example would make it so they can’t sit vertically completely covering a tank’s turret as this makes realistically no sense, is the bush being held in place by some magic al force? How can the tank be operated if the optics are fully covered?
Here’s an example of how bushes should properly sit on a tank to hide it but still keeping parts visible and the optics clear

Leaving video game logic aside, other than camo nettings which some tanks have, adding camouflage elements to tanks were done to hide them from planes for the most part unless they were static defending a position for a considerable amount of time as these would break off and fall when on the move, meaning putting stuff on top of the tank or on flat surfaces so they are stable, not in front


I’d rather have bushes be able to wrap around or bend away, because most times I try and place bushes on anything that isn’t a straight box, it gets caught on the modules inside the tank
Having the bushes conform would also make it look better and solve the air gap issue presented here



Over all the suggestion isn’t bad however it fails to acknowledge the fact that War does not care. Nor should the game. Be it entirely on you if you cannot identify the vehicle. Since what’s common in all of the pics is the barrel and vague silhouette.


War does not care about fairness, game balance and user experience but War Thunder is a game and it should aim towards those goals as it isnt a 100% simulator game unlike other options in the market
if you enjoy being shot from a tank that you could not in any way identify because is not just a silhouette, the bushes defy gravity and completely vertical undoing any kind of outline the tank could have, i say go check out those game alternatives

Also i’d like to see a tank completely covered in bushes (optics too) be able to make a precise shot at all or traverse rough terrain at high speed without all the bushes breaking and falling out IRL

As they currently stand, bushes in GRB are a scummy and cheap way of having an unfair advantage over the enemy
Having an unlockable camo netting module that would properly wrap the tank in a way that does not interfere with optics and does not defy the laws of physics would be the best option but that would be a lot of work and could probably lead to a monkey paw situation
Funny enough this is not that big of a problem in SIM because if you plaster your entire tank with them, you are unable to see anything out the gunner’s optic and are relegated to a scouting role
I would rather have sensical bushes that help hide your tank but dont make it completely unfair for anyone looking at you as all they can see is this
please, outline the silhouette there, now think how fun it would be to do that in game from a distance and while under fire


Wheeled Boy, 20mm or 37mm cannon. However, given its likely Tracks, 37mm is the final answer. So Ostwind I?. One more thing, no one is dumb enough to camp with the Ostwind I, it will not perform amazingly.

its a tracked tank
but anyhow, now do it again
if you find the tank in under 1 minutes you get a cookie


oops took you longer than 20 seconds
now you’re dead, back to the hanger
hope you had fun!


what i try to convey with this example is that bushes allow for players to be in very bad obvious positions and not be punished because unless they move or you’re looking directly at them and make out the bush patters, you’re not gonna see them

in war tanks cover themselves in bushes when they are in an advantageous position, already hidden,with plenty of cover and if they dont need to move
they dont drive up close to the enemy with magic glue bushes and shoot without being spotted


Personally, I believe bushes would be the most fair if they were not tied to a limited-time, limited-availability, log-in-every-day scale of barrier to acquire without paying.

Instead, they should be like ace crews or maybe just expert crews. Lots of grinding, lots of using the same vehicle - but no time pressure, no “if you cannot play with high intensity during these 2 battlepasses/year, you’ll need to pay”.

You’d have to unlock bushes per crew slot per vehicle tier by acquiring enough modification RP. This could be set to require a thousand matches for that tier (so people who can play at most 2-4 hours/week can still get it, but will take well over a year for them), greatly encouraging paying to skip the grind and maintaining present revenue sources.

In a way, the p2w advantage will remain so people get to feel “advantaged” for their investment, but we remove the main predatory element around it (FOMO/limited availability/limited time/limited time of access)


Had they been 100% locked behind a paywall i would have agreed with any sort of nerf to bushes in any way possible. But as it is now it is possible to obtain them through playing, it might not be easy and it might take some time but it it still possible so a nerf doesn’t seem that needed.

Leaves, branches, bushes and things like that have been used for this exact purpose (hiding siluetts) for basically as long as tanks have existed, so take that away would be a bit to restrictive.
It is however weird that they effect thermals as much as they do sometimes as that isn’t really accurate to real life.

meanwhile I just use bushes because they look cool and to break up my silhouette slightly cause I only got the dead bushes lol

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I personally think that if bushes conformed to the tank, so it hid less of the silloet and looks like literally less of a bush on a tank and more like parts of a bush on a tank it would be better.

I mean twin, rope and vines to exist

Honestly for me even that would be fine if they would move down from level 5 BP shop to level 3. If it’s just a decoration it surely wont cause any problem…

Its right there. ;)

They added the exhaust smoke to balance bushed up tanks.
Also, you really learn to detect the distinct shapes&colors of camo bushes pretty quick and the game engine and GPU drivers put different shading on bush objects vs the regular map objects.
Also also your crew “keen vision” skill does not take bushes into account AFAIK, so buff that up and the game will rat out bushed up tanks a lot.

i would love if bushes actually shaped to the tank instead of just sit there and they had proper shaping but i think thats a technical limitation seeing how the actual collision of the models interact

i’d be ok with vertical bushes covering the turret if they made aiming with gunner view imposible like they do in sim battles
What the enemy sees

what you see

forcing gunner view if the optics are covered would make bushes way more fair and force players to use binos or commander view/aim
commander aiming being slower and clunkier without aim override and tanks with commander override usually are in thermal vision range would be a reasonable trade off


yeah but turrets have no exhaust ports :((

if only the keen vision arrows were more noticeable and showed people in your line of sight instead of just out of view
so you can be aiming directly at someone bushed up and have 0 feedback that you’re about to be shot

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They do. Did you ever wonder what the orange chevrons pointing at things on the ground meant?

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Yeah. If they formed with the tank then I doubt bushes would be nearly as big of a problem.

Yeah. Maybe they could do your idea for specifically sim, but I doubt that it’ll happen for RB and AB. But it also might not happen at all because that would involve some big changes to let players reposition their bushes right before joining a sim match.

Also, like someone else pointed out, bushes don’t really match bushes on the ground and stuff that well in most cases. You’d have to get really lucky with having a map with bushes that look like them.

Another thing is that they really affect is long range combat sense they can be shot off now. At longer ranges it’s somewhat hard to spot a bushed tank, but in closer ranges it’s not that hard. Most tanks with a lot of armor are too big to utilize bushes effectively and can only hide some weakpoints and small ones generally have less armor and are susceptible go dieing to most anything.

In my opinion, the biggest reason people complain is their lack of situational awareness. Whether the tanks they are unaware of have bushes or not. They roll around not looking around keeping their heads on the swivel and because they are not using their eyes they get killed because of it.

Anyways, like I said, I’d rather see bushes be more realistic and from to tanks and move kinda like bushes already do. I’d also like to see string and vines and stuff be molded on them too so that you can tell better if it’s real or not. I’d also like to see them reacting to your own gun firing and maybe fall off or shift.

im pretty sure those markers only show up when a teammate shoots at or nearby an enemy and are only affected by your crew’s radio communication skill which determines the range at which you’ll be able to see them iirc

Its not. The scouting version you are thinking of is the one with an eyeball on top.