Make war thunder Mobile Useful

The only thing war thunder mobile does for, our main account is saving our streak. I’m thinking that war thunder mobile should also give RP to what nation we are researching. Like playing America in mobile will give RP to what American tank I’m researching on my main account.
What do you people of the forum think?

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I don’t really know what to think of mobile. Never cared for mobile games. I just participated to get a few free items at the expensive of some free time. Did not take much.

I would prefer the warthunder helper app to be used for daily log ins. Not the mobile game. I don’t have an interest to continue the mobile version of warthunder unless it gave vehicles I could use in the pc version. SL or RP would not make be budge on that.


I do not see why you should get rp in one game for playing another.

Both are War Thunder.

Cross progression is a good feature that keeps players engaged with the IP.

It’s something that should also be added to all game modes akin to how helicopters can be researched by using ground vehicles.

Playing when you want, how you want, while still getting what you want is just a good thing.

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Yes and no. There is no cross play between them. It has a different web page, events, store, and even an additional class of vehicles.

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What class?

Submarines. In regular gameplay and not an event only thing

That’s amazing, I had no idea WT Mobile had submarines before the main game did.

Yeah, pretty cool. Tempted to check it out

i tried to WTM because i wanted to get the sherman but yea i cant win anything on the mobile game and was to frustrated to keep trying.

Not everyone wants to play a mobile game. WT has enough going on. We don’t need to also be forced to pay attention to a seperate game.

I as a way to grind RP for a nation if you don’t have access to the computer or something.
And dang this blew up fast.

Do they even still offer those vehicles for the PC version if you play mobile?

WT Mobile is useful for keeping login streaks (though I have yet to actually use this) and for looking at nice models of ships and ship types we’ll eventually get at some unknown future time (WWII-era battleships, subs, missile ships, as well as carriers being worked on in the files). Oh, and also for getting Hatsuzuki.

Outside of that… lack of cross progression basically kills it, with the massively, drastically more arcade-y gameplay finishing the job; main game’s AB mode is basically a full sim in comparison.

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