Make view from tank commanders perspective like in ground sim optional in ground realistic battles.

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I don’t know if I’m the only one that does this, but I enjoy playing realistic ground battles from the commander’s view, similar to simulator. I’ve been playing this way for years, and I feel more immersed, being right on top of the tank allows me to see more of my gun, and it also makes me feel like I’m driving the tank, and it makes me more cautious. I’m aware that it puts me at a disadvantage when peeking around corners, but I don’t mind it.

what I’m talking about is the view you get in ground simulator. Sometimes, I adjust it by zooming out a bit to find the perfect spot. I’m aware that you can achieve a similar view by zooming in when in the third person, but that only works if your controls are on default. I’ve managed to create a workaround with the keybindings

However, there are some drawbacks, and I’m getting tired of them. When a match starts, I always need time to adjust the zoom with the keybinds before moving forward with a tank. This often means I am a bit late to the action, though not by much. Also, toggling my night vision on or off has become a tedious process.

Using the keybindings has presented two significant issues:
1. Every time I exit the gunner sight, it quickly zooms in on the tank again, taking half a second, which is annoying.

2. The biggest problem is that my gunner sight is always zoomed in due to the workaround, limiting my field of view, depending on the tank.

this could be a setting that you can select your view option and it could be called “default third-person view” or something

I understand this suggestion might seem odd. but as a longtime player who appreciates the in-game tank models and collects them, I enjoy being more immersed in the game and feeling like I’m driving the tank. I don’t enjoy simulator battles; realistic battles are more my style.

I’m not sure how many people share this preference with me, but having the option to set the default view in ground realistic battles like in simulator battles would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and hope you understand.

This was written by Leonardo651th who edited and narrowed down to the point my original suggestion post that was too long and a little confusing. And now thanks to him it’s much more readable!

What an awesome community! Thank you!

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