Make the rules consistent!

Why does every map in the game follow different sets of “realities/rules”

Why can I shoot an HE shell through a fence and fencepost on Abandoned Town, through a fence but not the post on El Alamain, and through neither on Middle East?

Why do I, after 10 years, need to remember which objects interact with what shell in which way on a map by map basis? And I am not even talking about different models of fences. The very same model of fence has three different damage models.

And don`t get me started on houses. On the two versions of Sinai, the exact same house model interacts differently with the same shell depending on which version of the map you get. What is this insanity?

Why is there absolutely 0 consistency in the game? This is not a hard thing to fix, in fact, it is harder to keep track of 20 damage models for one fence object than it is to just use one damage model for one object.

And it is not even like map age plays a role. The newly updated maps, using new models, USE DIFFERENT DAMAGE MODELS FOR THE SAME OBJECTS.

Again, it is not hard to use just one damage model for one object. There is no reason to have two different damage models for the same ground object. It is confusing and actively hurts gameplay. Why do I need a wiki to tell me which objects on which map I can or cannot shoot through with HEAT, HE, MGs, or shoot through at all? Like houses.

You cannot even expect the same rules to apply on the same map. While I have not played there on the new version, on the old version of 38th, on the A cap. Two identical houses. one solid, the other not. The same exact house on the same instance of the map, and still two different sets of rules.

Please Gaijin fix this ASAP.


Although I agree the current version is bad, I actually want the exact opposite solution: make all the maps ACTIVELY randomized every time as much as possible (adding/removing entire buildings would be good too), so that you don’t even have to memorize a single set of rules, let alone 20, to be competitive.

There is only certain amount of randomness you can introduce into maps which pro players will memorize anyway while new-ish players or casual players will be just frustrated with.

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This thread is about a person with 7500 battles who can’t memorize ONE iteration of each map (not throwing shade, neither can I).

A person memorizing 50 different possible combos of every map is an absurd concept, at least to be actually worried about, even if it’s technically possible. Sure, maybe the Rain Man happens to play War Thunder and there’s 1 guy who can do it, but the other 2,999,999 would still be better off, since 99.999% of their matches don’t have the Rain Man in them.

If at least we would not need to relearn each map every minor patch.

But still making gameplay consistent is almost always an improvement. And I do not mean “make every match play out the same way” consistent. But making the ground objects across all maps always behave in the same way would certainly be an improvement.

More like 10

I said “make important buildings etc appear and disappear too”