Make The Game Real Again

Adding invulnerability to players in their base is something unrealistic. I play War Thunder because of the realism that it offers over competitor games like WoT, but this realism seems like it’s fading with each day. Gaijin must make proper maps to replace the older ones that do have issues with spawn killing without trying to play it the smart guys by introducing new dump features which eventually shows how the game has taken the unrealistic turn and showing how stupid their new features are. If Gaijin wants to make money they should not give the game for free and stop introducing stupid features to the gameplay. I have already paid more that 100€ for in-game content and I have to say that I am starting regreting it.


Players don’t have infinite invulnerability, never have.
They have 5 & 30 seconds since before 2018, nothing has changed.
The feature already existed long before you started playing.


I didn’t know that the feature was pressent in the game before tho still I do think that it should removed. Maps should be desinged in better way to prevent such occassions such as spawn killing.

Actually, I’ve noticed that the invulnerability goes away waaaay sooner when you begin moving, was there a change in regards to this? I feel like I hit W and die to some across the map sniper in like 2 seconds.

It’s been 5 seconds for a number of years.
It was likely 10 seconds sometime before covid tho.

Gotcha, because I know you can prolong that period if you stay put but I honestly feel like the time went way shorter now. Probably just me miscounting or something.