Make the anti-aircraft missiles in the game more realistic

In the game, there may be errors in the launch height of anti-aircraft missiles, such as Tunguska (2S6) 9m311 missile can attack targets of 6 km or even 8 km, but on the wiki, 9m311’s launch height is only 3.5km, will you restore this?

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Source: Wikipedia

Also dont think they model flight ceiling

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The data source is not important, what I want to express is whether to introduce the maximum shot height feature, the game is often attacked at 9000~10000+, and the ground is not S300

So you want cas to be more op?

Exactly the opposite - the data source is utterly important as to whether the data can be treated as reasonably accurate or not.

Wiki often has good references, and using those is much better than jsut the wiki page itself.

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the Maximum theoretical Attack height does not determine wether the Missile can actually reach that altitude