Make sure you read the EULA!

Folks, I just want to raise everyone’s attention on the importance of the EULA.

Long story short, my account was stolen, and I noticed some weird login locations, so I changed the password. Apparently, the hacker used my account to cheat. My account ended up being permanently banned.

Maybe you can argue that it’s my fault for using the same login credentials to login to my Gaijin account and email, which invalidates the two-step verification.

During my attempt to get my account back from Gaijin, customer support refused my request because I didn’t notify Gaijin that my account was stolen.

Blockquote 3.5. The User shall keep the Account login and password strictly confidential. The User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login details and for all activities that occur on their Account, whether authorized or not (for example, if the Account credentials become known to third parties or in the event of unauthorized access). Any use of the Account with the User’s login and password shall be carried out by the User. The User shall immediately notify Gaijin if there is any breach or misuse of the User’s Account.

Make sure that in the event of account misuse or theft, you report it to Gaijin so that they can’t say anything about it.

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May I ask how it was stolen ? The “long story short” is cutting crucial information


We dont need to read the EULA to understand that we are responsible for what happens with our account. Sad that your account was stolen but thats on you.

No need to warn anyone.

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Its very hard to believe your story. I have seen this exact excuse multiple times


No, the point is that they declined my request because I haven’t reported to them that my account was stolen. The normal practice for most of the people whose accounts were stolen is to just reset the password and call it an end.

It’s your choice to believe it or not we all have freedom of speech. I have submitted the system dialog thingy to prove my innocent but they never get back to me.

Try never to share passwords between accounts unless you do not care that the account is taken.

I have no clue how they managed to get access to my Gaijin account. If I knew, I would’ve stopped it from happening at the very beginning.

I don’t often check my email address linked to the Gaijin account. Last time I checked it, I saw some login request emails and realised that something was off. I changed the password, logged in to the account, and saw some unusual login activities (in China, Japan, and Hong Kong), which differed from my usual login location (Melbourne VIC).

That’s pretty much what happened.

I learned it the hard way unfortunately…