Make propeller not result in instant propeller kaboom. (Detailed Propeller DM)

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Instead of the very tip of your propeller resulting in instantly explosion of all blades instantly, propellers should get bent/broken with the same healthbar mechanic as all the other parts.

Some variables propellers would take damage based on

  • The hardness of the material they impact (stone, metal, wood, water, dirt, glass, etc.)
  • The size/thickness (mainly for destructable props e.g trees and poles)
  • The force from the impact (based on rpm, aircraft speed, propeller weight, etc)
  • How close to the base of the propeller is the object it hits
  • How much time the propellers are colliding for
  • Material of the blades
  • Pitch of the blades

For damaging enemy aircraft

  • Material of the plane
  • Size of the part being hit
  • How much time the propellers are colliding for
  • The force of impact
  • How deep the propellers cut into the plane
  • Material of the blades
  • Pitch of the blades

There’s probably alot more needed variables but these are just a few.
These variables would all determine whether damage should be applied and how much, and what kind.

For helicopters, hitting small trees with your blade would likely deal little to no damage and destroy the tree. Hitting a large tree, rock, or metal pole could result in far more damage depending on rpm, how close to the base it hits, what angle it hits (collective could also be considered) these would be used to determine damage anywhere from minor bending to chunks of the propeller being snapped off.

For planes, you would be able to recover from falls with alot more wiggleroom as your propeller could scrape the dirt or a tree and still survive with some minor bending. If you engine is off and props aren’t spinning, then scraping the ground would only result in the one propeller being damaged.

You could also use your propeller to shred parts of enemy planes without dying instantly (they did this IRL during WW2). It could take into account how many propellers you have, at what rpm, if they’re wood or metal, propeller length, and if the enemy plane is wood or metal and how large the enemy plane is to determine how much damage to apply.

Propellers hitting something would decrease rpm, and could also result in engine damage. It could also yaw the aircraft in the direction the blades are spinning on impact.

These changes would make WarThunder more realistic, stop alot of extremely annoying deaths, and give you a way to kill that last guy when you’re out of ammo. Pls vote yes : D

Edit: I’m adding the kopp-etchells effect to this suggestion post as Necronomica suggested.


Not sure how true it is but I’ve heard a Blackhawk can just land in a Forrest and cut down the trees in its way

To add to this, there is an effect called “kopp-etchells effect” when helicopters fly in sandy areas in darker light that would look awesome in game.
The sand basically shaves of metal from the propeller blades so fast that the metal pieces catch fire in the air (like using an angle grinder).


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I’m not entirely sure on the necessity of detail fidelity to this level personally. I can’t speak for helicopters so I’m going to leave it and its mechanic well alone (but I do know using scout drones to snap the main rotor is a gremlin tactic when you can pull it off and it would be invalidated by this change).

But for planes, I think clipping on the ground and destroying your prop is a good approximation of propstrike and for more tolerance, you could slightly buff prop’s health. I’m not sure about the idea of using it as an offensive tool either, since it I think average ram/bump is effective enough if you want you get up point blank like that.

Using props to shred enemy tails did happen IRL and the attacker usually survived. It does however depend on if your prop is metal or wood, and if the enemy aircraft is metal or wood.

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That’s nice to know! I just don’t know if the feature would be viable enough for WT’s level of detail. It could be a novelty I guess, but it otherwise will feel like a bit of a niche feature.

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This would be awesome to see in game

I’d prolly use it a ton at rank 1.