Make Hungary great again!


Let us buy the hungarian tanks( 38.M Toldi IIA, 41.M Turán II, Zrínyi I) that are already in the game.

There are 3 hungarian planes in this game this day and age. Those are all premiums and in my humble opinion they all worth the money to buy them.
Imagine a world where You would be able to buy the 3 hungarian tanks listed above! 3 Very interesting and unique tanks (well the 38.M Toldi IIA is not really that unique - but 3 is the magic number isn’t it?).
Italy doesn’t have many tanks avaible on the marketplace. Make them so.
There are rumors about Italy gaining a possible sub-tech-tree in the future… make these 3 tanks appear on the marketplace with the camos and everything.

Have a Good One, Mate(y)s!!

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Yeah, I have Zrínyi I, but would love to see other 2 as well, maybe make them available during some event, through boxes maybe. For premiums on the other hand I prefer to see smth different.

Might end up seeing Hungarian Gripen C’s soon, who knows.