Make f14b and mig29smt as br11.0+ nuke jet

su7 and jaguar are so sick in 2023 after lots of major updated. if we can have special f14b with 2 aim9m mig29smt with 2 r73 as a top nuke jet will help.

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smt its a massive nerfed plane. and the f14b not a best plane too

The nuke carriers in GB have no additional weaponry apart from the nuke, right? So why really bother about what to use and what to carry?

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Nuking is so badly implemented in game. The fact that you can be spawn camped, teamkilled or even the game running out of tickets before you drop it is rather frustrating. Having to J out to get into a nuke is also annoying. My suggestion is to make the nuke plane into some kind of fictional drone that spawns on a random side of the map

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Do you expect the entire game to stop so that you can drop a nuke after getting an arbitrary amount of points? That’s unreasonable and not fair on everyone else playing in the lobby. Do you also expect to be able to drop it for free? Nukes are a bonus, not a right, and it’s entirely fair for the enemy team to use a counterplay.

Why do you want fiction in the funny realistic (ish) tank and plane game?


There is your answer

It’s called a time extension

When did I state that I expect such a thing? If your means of counterplay is teamkilling and camping then just lol…

No it isn’t. It’s still fairly historic, and there’s no precedent for fantasy vehicles in this game outside of April Fools gamemodes. The ish was about modelling inaccuracies for game mechanics, and the lack of other IRL mechanics.

This is not ace combat. We do not need fantasy drones in War Thunder.

You’re out here complaining about the game not giving you the perfect conditions to drop a nuke. Nobody is camping your jet spawn because that’s pointless. Somebody just saw you spawn and intercepted you. If you don’t want that, don’t spawn the nuke at all until there’s no more enemy air defence up. Teamkilling isn’t a counterplay, that’s just your teammate being a git.

The game’s already thrown you an enormous bone by giving you a weapon that can instantly end the match with your victory if you can drop it, and you still expect the game to cater towards you by giving you an unfair time extension just so you don’t lose on tickets? Should’ve done a better job as a team to hold those points.

Do you even play top tier ground? Or above rank 5 at all? Because you completely seem clueless

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